Someone remind of how much involvement Yuracheck had with Drinkwitz when we ultimately hired Pittman.

In Wally Hall’s column today he says’ “The main reason it was an unneeded cheap shot is Drinkwitz chose to coach Missouri over Arkansas. Apparently he didn’t care… that the Razorbacks wanted him. He either thought the rebuilding was too big of a job…”

As is often the case with Mr. Hall, I question the accuracy of this. Did Drinkwitz really choose Mizzou over Arkansas or did he never really have the option to take the job at Arkansas?

Word got out about both hirings on Sunday, Dec. 8, 2019, which is the day HY flew to Athens to meet with him after the Dawgs lost to LSU in the SECCG. Supposedly Misery met with Drink the previous night in Boone, NC. A few hours before that meeting, Drink said he “didn’t know” if Arkansas had reached out.

There was certain coach who believed the SEC West was too tough.


I view Drinkwitz, Gus, and Hugh Freeze as three peas in a pod with Chad Morris being a distant cousin.


I’m just proud the hogs have Coach Sam Pittman and Misery has Drink.
Drink is too full of himself and appears to me as a nerd! He had a case of letting his mouth over load his rear end earlier this year before an away game and then made the trip and got beat!
I don’t like him. He needs a doss of humble pie.


I’m proud of Sam also.

Drink?? HE 'S from Alma for goodness sake. I hate Alma, end of story!

I graduated from Alma in 86. And will always think fondly of Alma. That being said, I can admit that we have had our share of real arrogant piss-ant pricks. Drink certainly fit that mold. Never liked him, still don’t and suspect I never will.

Grad of Northside 1972.

This is the reason I usually don’t run down a city. Sorry

He is an embarrassment to our state!

Been lots of coaches that have come from Arkansas, and most we wished had coached the hogs at some point…… Hes not one of those…. He’s a geek!


Eli is a good coach in my opinion, but I feel like we got the man we needed to restore our program and there’s not a coach out there I would trade Pittman for and I mean none. WPS

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I tend to think hunter probably was wanting someone with coordinator and/or hc experience and fee if any wanted our gig.

Job was offered kiffin. When ole miss came open they wanted more money than may have been “agreed upon”

Hy interviewed Eli and Missouri did as well(remember Missouri 1st choice was former asu coach Blake Anderson until their board told ad to think again). I think Eli had offers from both and chose Missouri as it was little better money and in the east which he viewed as easier to recruit to and win.

At this point a lot of behind the scenes momentum had been built up for Sam so hy offered Sam.

Right now I think we got the coach we needed at the moment.

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Interesting comments here concerning the prospective coaches when we were in the market. The idea that the western division might be too tough is short-sighted. Missouri came into the SEC at a period of unusual weakness in the east. And I must say, a time of unusually chronic weakness for the Razorbacks, considering we are a permanent cross-division rival (pending the entry of UT and OU now, and that won’t help Mizzoo). Tennessee will not stay down and certainly has more potential than Missouri. Georgia and Florida, even with its current coaching upheaval, will always outclass the Midwestern interloper. Kentucky is showing signs of football support. South Carolina is in a tough spot, competing against a strong in-state school and neighbors all around. After OU and UT join the party, realignment could change things, but Mizzoo still is not an SEC school. They have a definite Midwestern character. West Virginia or Virginia Tech, to add to the east might be a better fit. To revisit my original thought, Missouri fans must have felt they wandered into the Garden of Eden the first couple of years. Now reality has bitten. On Friday I hope it bites hard. If it is true their defensive backfield is depleted, it very well could. Have I said before I don’t like them? I had to live among them and left ASAP. An arrogant bunch, moreso without cause exceeding the Aggies. Truth. I have shown my hand. It’s personal.

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Drinkwitz reached out to Steve Cox who he knew from his time in Jonesboro and lobbied hard for the job. He was interviewed along with Leach and Kiffin.

Leach pulled out and Kiffin took the Ole Miss gig after first telling us he was coming. HY then turned to Drinkwitz and Missouri called him and offered more than HY was willing to pay.

At that point he flew to Athens and the rest is history.

PS Arkansas reached out early to Norvell, but he had no interest this go around given the the amateurs running the show in 2018 hired a guy he’d beaten like a rented mule two times in a row. He wanted it badly after Bert was canned.


I’m not 100% sure what he’s sewn, but let’s make his a** reap it. LOL. He’s small-time. Not a great idea to carry this notion around the SEC.

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He’s cringe-worthy to me at times and I’m glad he’s not our coach. I hope tomorrow starts a long run of payback. Maybe 9 or 10 wins in a row.


I am hoping he gets the other end of the stick when it comes to our “rivalry” but wins enough to stick around and keep the banter up. I felt the same about the Florida coach. Dan Mullins liked him some Dan Mullins. I agreed with Drink on that one. I also saw where he said Sam should get Coach of the Year, probably a correlation to thinking that job was too tough.

Drink is just being Drink–not that I care for that brand. Steve Spurrier was very much the same as Drink when he was ruling the SEC at Florida. SS rubbed alot of people the wrong way but he was brash and backed it up. The SEC is much more competitive than time that Spurrier was doing his thing and I doubt he would be so vocal as his time showed at South Carolina in later years. Drink will learn as east side is about to get more competitive with Tenn. and Florida will upgrade coaches this time too.

Hawgs need to beat Mizzou soundly when we play them Friday.


We definitely got the right coach since Eli thinks the SEC West is too hard and picked the so called “easier” job.

Tells you a lot about his character right there. Wants the easier way instead of hard work for winning.


Spot on how it happened.