There are others I want more, but if money genuinely is a major issue, then I think there’s a chance our next HC is coaching against South Carolina right now on ESPN2.


Based off of how HY conducted the basketball coaching search, I don’t think Drinkwitz would be looked at (took over a successful program and is in his first year).

I would look at someone like Jeff Tedford (Fresno St). Very similar to Eric Musselman. Has played or coached at every level (college, CFL, NFL), Has connections everywhere. Out of left field, sure some just said, “WHO?” And probably most importantly, he’s affordable. Based off the b-ball search, he seems to check all HY’s boxes.

I generally agree with you about Drinkwitz.

He should be on the list but not at the top.

I do think we could do worse.

Drinkwitz.??? Then make sure Blake Anderson’s name is in there.

This is Drinkwitz first year as a head coach at ANY level

I am aware.

As I said, he’s only someone you look at if you’re forced to go very cheap.

If you look at it, none of the cheapies check all the boxes or come without worry. I think he’s one of the better options in that category

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Again not that I particularly like him, but if Auburn loses to Bama and goes 8-4 I’d not be surprised if they aren’t tired of him enough to cut him. It would be insane but hell that’s Auburn for ya.

Gus’s ego might just draw him back to Arkansas since he was from here and thinks he can win anywhere. And if money is an issue, we should be able to get him on the cheap cheap since Auburn will be offsetting his compensation for awhile thanks to that big contract he got when he teased us to get a raise. Although in all honesty moving from one HC position to another, I’m not real sure how that would work. Must admit I’m not a lawyer nor do I have the legalese to answer confidently.

Still not sure the fan base would accept him until he started winning then as Nolan use to be fond of saying “winning cures all ills”.

But in all honesty, I doubt that will happen and I have no illusions of enticing a “big” name here, so I expect another from the obscure “up and comer” pile with a lot of hope and finger crossing that we can find lightning in a bottle.

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I’ve heard a couple of people who know him say they think Drinkwitz is going to have a long college career. He has had some good mentors.

I think he might have some opportunities to leave Appalachian State after this year. App State already has won at North Carolina and has South Carolina down at halftime in Columbia.

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Matt, who are his “good mentors?”

He has worked under Gus Malzahn and Bryan Harsin. I know some will scoff at that, but they are good coaches who win a lot of college football games.

Drinkwitz played high school football for Frank Vines at Alma, who is one of the great high school coaches in Arkansas history.

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Matt, I’m not surprised any NW AR media guy would be impressed with one of Gus’s boys.

However, anybody we look at will have as good or better mentors.

I don’t know Gus Malzahn. I never covered him. I have never met him. To insinuate that I have some sort of bias in favor of him is sorely misguided.

And again, those are not my impressions of Drinkwitz, but of those who know him.

EDIT: For the sake of transparency, I covered Arkansas football very loosely in 2006. on a part-time basis for the student newspaper. The extent of my coverage was to attend Houston Nutt’s Sunday press conference because no one else wanted to go. If I was ever in the same room as Gus Malzahn, I don’t remember it.


Mic Drop

Dont forget, Gus had great influence on CM too.

The fact that Gus strung our Hiring Committee out two years ago is a reason we ended up with Morris as well.

The App ST coach should be judged off his own resume and not be tagged to Gus! There’s one thing for sure I didn’t want Gus 2 years ago and I don’t want him now. Our fan base won’t give any coach enough time to rebuild the roster without wanting them fired!
This current staff is failing we all see that but someone needs to come up with solutions without breaking the bank!
All of the CBB players will be gone next year and who ever the Hogs have as their head coach next season will his work cut out for him!

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This thread wasn’t titled Gus Malzahn.

Why are we talking about this?!

People think he is the second coming of football jesus, when really he’s the devil in disguise.

I think their coaching family tree is still early on so it’s hard to say how successful their influence is. How many players or assistant coaches under either of them have gone on to be successful head coaches somewhere else?

Well I don’t care if he fell from an apple tree.

They’re about to beat South Carolina.

So my original point stands - he should be on the list of cheaper options.

I agree sweet child. Associating him with Gus isn’t doing him any favors.