Drinkwitz pros and cons

Please feel free to contribute your own.

Wants the job?
If successful, would probably want to stay with the Hogs
Arkansas connections
Proven (1 yr) he can continue, and even improve an already very good program
Appears very adept at on field coaching and schemes

Too young?
inexperienced as a head coach?
can he attract assistants able to win in the SEC and SECW?
Can he and his assistants attract SEC caliber recruits?
Hasn’t proven he can turn around a floundering program.

Personally, I’m fine with the hire, especially if the alternative is Lunney. Is there a pretty big risk - yes. From all indications, he has a lot of coaching talent, so I’m fine with taking a risk on him.

Strong offensive background. App State scored 39 points a game this year and topped that yesterday, 9th best in the country. 17th best in rushing. But doesn’t ignore defense either; they were 26th in total defense, which is better than LSU.

By the way, I would have no problem if he brings Ted Roof as his DC. Roof was the DC at Auburn when they won the 2010 NC, and also did a good job as DC at Penn State and Georgia Tech.

I know we appear to be trying to salvage what has looked to one as uninformed as me as a squandered opportunity to start reversing the trajectory of our program and approaching desperation mode. If we have to win a bidding war to attract Drinkwitz, I see this as a very bad sign. Not sure he is our guy, if he and his agent make it more about money and yes I know that is his agents job. He will get a good offer from Arkansas, and if wants to be at Arkansas, then fine. If he doesn’t see our job as more desirable to him and he decides to take other offer, I am ok.

Good possibility too w Briles taking the HC at App St.

Drinkwitz can obviously recruit. App St has been ranked in the low 100s for many years. In his 1st year, he has bumped their current 2020 recruiting ranking to 74.

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After 49 years as an increasing donor to the Foundation and dropping out 3 years ago when I “saw the writing on the wall” thankfully, I see the worst situation for the U of A football program of all time! I’m very surprised the BOT and President did not see this downward process during the years of White rendering things over to Long who showed his intent to NOT get mixed in with governing the coaches and instead, pumping up HIS tributes, like the $160 Million fiasco in the north end zone and being ready for a photo op at every opportunity. Jerry Jones and John Daly have first hand knowledge of that!
The Sexton situation should have some legal way of slowing down the “here and there” shift of signing salaries and bonuses. We are not at the A and B level of enticing coaches and won’t be for years to come. Having to pursuit a C level or D level coach is rock bottom for all Power 5 schools and frowned on even by colleges in the bottom 50 D1 colleges. We have been and will likely be the laughing stock of SEC foot and Vanderbilt is laughing hard now! Let’s see, what other conference could we join, win 6-7 games a year, get crushed in a lower tier bowl game played in mid December?? Only problem is getting our fair share of the SEC bonus money for TV games, bowl residuals of other things; that money amounts to a LOT more than a low bowl game payout seen in the small town USA stadiums.
If coach D wants the job, tell us NOW, even before his bowl game, and if the fans there don’t like it, then come to Arkansas and start coaching and recruiting and hiring assistants NOW!! Otherwise his waiting could hurt his offers of good money. Stand by for now. There’s still U of A basketball to yell about, gals and guys both.

Assuming coaches like Jimbo Fisher or Tom Herman are A or B level coaches, no thanks! aTm boards are still buzzing about their $75 million dollar fiasco of Jimbo. Both ut & aTm sign the top talent & they have $500 million stadium expansions, but their elite high $ coaches still can’t get their elite players to compete at the top levels in their respective conferences. Somewhat relieved that we did not sign Kiffin or Leach as those may have been short-lived & with controversy and prefer Harsin or Drinkwitz.

Yes, we dug this hole in part due to 30+ yrs of Broyles solely running Arkansas athletics. After Broyles, BOT & JL were clueless over the past decade in running athletic depts. and therefore totally mismanaged UofA athletics & coaching hires, especially CBB & CCM. Trust a capable HY in rebuilding football, basketball & other UofA athletic programs assuming BOT give him the trust & freedom to do his job.

Also, no thanks to a dysfunctional conference like Big12 where ut takes most of the $ & dictates all of the decisions. The teams are constantly bickering & some positioning themselves to bolt to other conferences, for same reasons that NE, CO, MO, & aTm departed. Who knows if Big12 will continue after 2025 contract runs out. We will be in a good place in SEC after we get a capable coach in place.

I think he would be able to make Starkel a draftable Quarterback next year. Stark fits in perfectly with his offense.

Stadium expansions of $500 Million are OK if 20-30,000 fans are involved and a significant addition is made to increase total fans in the stands. Mr. Long did a $160 Million expansion that affected about 3000 people only, rich organizations / businesses in box seat areas with food and beer etc. It was only 1/3rd full this year… 1000 people and most of them left at halftime. $160 million affecting 3000 people at most. Many pushed for a $70 million expansion for business boxes and somehow the BOT approved twice as much at Long’s urging. Another failure unless proven it was really needed. NOPE. No way. Lets help the average folks, those less than Broyles Matthews donors. Lets help the average UofA fan, not just the elite few. Too late now and another financial hole dug at the U of A…

Questioned the cost at $160 million based on # of added seating that we already did not need and unnecessary cost of 2 jumbotrons. Had inquired during design phase about making endzone dual purpose with needed classroom space/auditoriums, same as west side of ut’s stadium, but no response. Understood the former endzone building was in bad shape & north retaining wall in need of replacement so there was significant & expensive upgrades already needed. Some other schools, such as UM, were upgrading per pressure from the SEC so not sure if that was a factor. Razorback stadium is significantly improved stadium but still well behind most other SEC schools with much deeper pockets & with higher attendance.