Drinkwitz...perhaps we dodged a bullet

Full disclosure…In the latter stages of the recent coaching search, I was warming up to the idea of Drinkwitz (recently named new HC at Mizzou) for the job. But after hearing this…

Today, on the Finebaum show, Drinkwitz said "Football is what we do, not who we are", I kid you not.

Obviously, another Malzahnista…

Hey, I’m very happy with the way things turned out for us with Sam. I don’t want to waste a lot of time throwing shade at other new coaches. But I just had to bring that quote here.


We heard that a lot the last two years here.

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The press conferences are not as important as coaching. I guess TV and radio need sound bytes. I want fundamentals in coaching.


Wiz I almost always agree with you. And I understand not wanting to hear Chad’s phrase… seeing how his tenure went.

That said I actually think that phrase is a damn good way to look at life. ALL of us are something far more and far deeper than what we do for a living. Even if your career is your truest passion, as it usually is in sport and the arts. And in other professions as well. I know I’m lucky to do for a living what I love most. Some can’t say that.

That said, I certainly think being a father and a husband and having faith is infinitely more important than my career as a conductor. Which is damn successful if I do say so myself. But who cares about that if I am a bad father and husband. I’m sure you agree.

May father once said to me “your priorities should be God, family, friends, career. Keep them in that order.” I have tried to do that—and probably fallen short thousands of times.

Anyhow I’m super excited about Pittman and feel like he’s a better, and even safer pick than Drink or Kiffin.

Another similarity I noticed–all of the App St olinemen were/are under 300 lbs. The announcers at their last game pointed this out and, if I remember correctly, said that was preferred so that the linemen would be small but fast. Morris was the same way–he may not have wanted them that small, but wanted them to lose weight to be faster. I believe he said they should lose the fat and regain some muscle, but to my mind we stayed undersized and that was one of our biggest problems. So glad we have someone now who knows that in this line of scrimmage league we need to be “a little bigger”.

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I would rather hear, “Football is what we do, not what we say.”, and then see them go out and really do it well.

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Doesn’t bother me at all to hear a coach acknowledge that Life is bigger than football.

Now, if he followed up a big loss with “Smile…” that would be another thing.


He also said “win the Sunbelt, um, I’m sorry, the SEC”. Kinda felt bad for him but laughed that it happened to Missouri.

Drinkwitz supposedly read the same intro speech at Mizzou that he used at Appy State. I was surprised when I heard that - and haven’t independently confirmed it - but then I watched the Q&A portion of the Mizzou press conference.

He had flashes of substance but, for the most part, he’s a walking, talking cliche’. He’s a coach speak Chatty Cathy doll…

…and he can’t keep his blasted tongue in his mouth during a media session.

I’m so glad we didn’t hire him. He drives me to frustration.

I am super happy about Pittman. Make no mistake. He was my top choice from the moment I read that open letter from his former players.

I just didn’t think they would go that route. I assumed it would be someone leaving another HC position.

But Sam Pittman is Gonna be a great HC. I just don’t see how he misses.

May take awhile considering what he’s taking over though.

I think you misunderstand - I don’t have ANY issue with the philosophy behind that statement.

The whole point is that it is a verbatim sound byte from our recently departed HC - one that I personally got sick of him regurgitating time after time. In fact, he had a handful of pet phrases that were his “go to’s”. Taken by themselves, one at a time, all of them made sense. But in the context of the fiasco that was the Chad Morris era, I just got sick of hearing them. And I think a lot of other folks did to.

So, it’s more about the messenger than it is the message.

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Lots of successful coaches use that phrase or something like it.


Chud wasn’t one of them.

Yes - and so do many Lawyers, Dog catchers, brick masons and butchers. That’s not the point.

Most every “high profile” person has a phrase or two with which their public persona becomes associated. If they are highly successful people, those phrases become iconic (JFB - “Luck follows speed”; DKR - “three things can happen when you pass the ball, and two of them are bad”, etc.). If they are NOT successful, then they become punch lines (or meme-fodder).

I think most will agree that the primary “punch lines” for CCM were the one identified in the OP, along with “I’m a High School Coach”. Therefore, to see another candidate we came (apparently) close to hiring utter one of them is, IMO, ironic and somewhat humorous.

If you (impersonal) don’t think so, fine.


It’s really a stupid line. Who you are is made up of what you do. I don’t even know how a player or fan is supposed to understand it. But if the point is you walk around on a football field and do things, but you aren’t a football coach, then I think we do understand.

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CCM clearly didn’t live up to being a “football coach” while he was here. Maybe before, maybe later, but not while he was in Fayetteville. I wanted him to be successful, I really did. But, I’ve never seen a coach be worse at making in game adjustments and getting his players to play inspired football in my life.

Agree, Wiz. I remember how annoyed people became with the word “precious” when HDN used it.

When someone overuses a word or phrase, especially when they’re not performing up to expectations or they’re unpopular for other reasons, the phrase itself becomes irritating.

I get it, I suppose. Coaches have to figure out how to craft a message for an audience composed of groups - players, recruits, parents, university admin, and fans - that don’t necessarily want to hear the same thing.

He was not a good head coach at all while here. We all saw that.

I guess I just don’t the use in continually piling on someone after he is gone just because he lost football games.

But that’s probably why I didn’t follow Coach Sutton to Kentucky when he offered me a job and become a coach.

Fans went after him hard - despite all he had done here - just because he made a decision to move to what he believed was a better job.

And then went after Coach Richardson when Yvonne was dying because he was losing games.

That soured me from getting into the profession, but I was born to be a sports writer - albeit an average one.


Agreed. At some point, you have to just move on. I don’t harbor any ill will toward Morris. He didn’t do a good job here, so he was fired. I think that’s probably enough.