Drink's comments

“I kind of like the rivalry we’ve got with Arkansas**,” Drinkwitz said. “I don’t remember the last time they beat us, so I kind of like that one. And the Battle Line Rivalry, it’s pretty good for us. I think we’ll just keep that one right now.”

I know CSP and Drink are friends but I really hope the Hogs putt an ars whuppin’ on them this year!


I agree!

One odd thing about Drink’s comments is that he has been involved in exactly ONE of those victories. It wasn’t a dominant win, either.


Yeah stupid for him to make that comment… if KJ can be the quarterback we hope he can be then we will have a great chance to beat them this year, if not then they will continue to beat us, because they have a good quarterback.I am so ready for us to be good in football again but it’s going to be several years I’m afraid.

I know he is an Arkansan, but for some reason he seems to rub me the wrong way. That may be more my problem than his, as I recognize losing to them last year is a part of my opinion (sorry I can be a sore loser), but he seems to have a smart azz edge to him, in my opinion. He may be a very good coach, time will either confirm or contradict, but seems he has benefited a lot by being in the right place at the right time, which is not his fault or all bad.


You should expect that from a Malzahn protege. Even Russellville folks are disowning him now. Like the poster above he’s only been part of one of those victories and a close one at that.


His fake injury tactic (learned from Gus) is enough to make me dislike him. It’s widely decried as lack of integrity.


I know Drink’s brother Jeremy; he was an administrator at Sparks Hospital in Fort Smith when I was working there. Now he’s working in Joplin, so he can openly root for his brother. Jeremy wasn’t one to shoot his mouth off, but maybe that’s not a family trait.

Apparently Drink was not a Razorback fan despite him & his his wife being from Alma. Somewhat followed him as a potential up & coming Hog coach until he went to MO. Not sure if he rejected HY or HY rejected him when interviewed.

Either way I trust HY’s judgment on coaching selections plus the the manner & integrity that HY showed during the Kiffin negotiations.

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IMO, we ended up with the best coach for us.


Coach Pitt is humble, sincere, knows his strengths and weaknesses, hired the best coordinators he could get with zero ego…that’s the reason they came. Recruits sense all of this and love him.


Agreed! CSP seems to be the real deal & more importantly the recruits & players feel the same about him too.


Didn’t like the comments, but he’s right…. complete embarrassment what Mizzou has done to Arkansas in football.

Hope like Hell it ends in November.


He may be right about Missouri, but if he thinks this is reflective of him or his coaching prowess, he is even a bigger wise azz than originally thought. Hopefully Sam and the team give him a wedgie, swirlie, and take his lunch money. I know bullying is wrong and probably should not be made light of, but if anyone deserves a dose of humility, it is Dipwitz,

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we deserve the disrespect he is giving us. the bright side of that is they probably wont be ready for a much improved football team and the pendulum swings both ways!!!

Unlike LSU, Arkansas has not played well or been up for the Mizzou game. Win or lose, it does not feel like a rivalry. For that reason, hope SEC realignments result in OU, LSU, ut or another team becoming the new Thanksgiving matchup for us.


I did not really take any offense. He spoke truth. I’ve heard a lot of worse in terms of disrespect.

I agree with you but I don’t see any changes
To the thanksgiving set up

Best hope is the pod or new alignments could help us

Worst case is what we must plan for is

Ark vs Bama, UT, OU and of course no matter what alignment we get the wall flower AstroTurf rivial Mizzou game

Let’s see

Not an excuse - if somebody is kicking your a&$ year in snd year out and you can’t “ get up” for the game then something is seriously wrong. Good grief


OU/ut Red River rivalry game will not change from the October date in DFW during the State Fair so that opens the door for us playing either OU or ut during Thanksgiving. I could see Arkansas & fans being up & excited for either team, even though it is played over the holiday weekend.

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One of the problems with the Mizzou/Hog game is it doesn’t really mean anything since they are in the East and we are in the West. Arkansas and LSU became a rivalry because we were competing in the same division and that game, more times than not, made an impact in the divisional standings. Arkansas/Texass was a rivalry for what the game “meant”. Some stupid trophy does not a rivalry make.