Dribbling and dunking

Watching the players dribble the ball, seems like they do a lot carrying the ball. Has the rules changed or is it just evolving so all these quick players can go faster with the ball. Refs don’t call it, Also, on the dunks, players are hanging on the rim more nowadays. It was allowed to protect yourself, but seems to be more for show nowadays!!

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The big guy from UConn has perfected palming the ball……closely followed by Devo.


Palming / carrying the ball has almost reach biblical proportions these days. NO REF EVER CALLS IT. Yet you can see it constantly. With all the fancy dribbling and constant changing of direction just watch and see the ball hesitate as a player changes directions and he is shifting the ball sideways. If a player has to put his hand on the side of the ball to perform a dribbling maneuver then slide the hand back to the top on the down dribble he was carrying it. Just watch, you will see it constantly.

They have let it go for so long, I see no way for them to change it know. You have a whole generation of players that would be called constantly and barely be able to dribble legally. Like prohibition in the 20s & 30s, they realized there was no way to change what was and finally gave up.

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John Wooden is turning over in his grave with the way the players are ‘dribbling’ these days. He said the crossover dribble is one of the best moves. He disliked the behind the back dribble!!

My Junior High coach hated the behind the back dribble too. Cost me many a lap around the gym.

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