Dribble Drives

I read a lot of complaints about the dribble drives we give up. I notice it too, but Muss said they were willing to accept that for better 3 Point defense in the OK game.

Just goes to show we don’t know what the coach is focusing on.


Gentry and heard Muss say that in the post game presser too! It worked out for our hogs.
It also got the game to pick up pace.


On dribble drives the handler can be double or triple teamed. Those tend to be hard shots.

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That’s what happened in second half. The dribbler was stopped and trapped in lane quite a few times.

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I doubt if they would triple team the driver playing OU. That would leave those shooters open for kicking it back out. That was the whole point of allowing that drive. We have size inside now to defend and can take that risk. If playing a less proficient outside shooting team, maybe collapse more.

Isn’t size and athleticism a wonderful thing to have!! WPS


Arkansas made Sherfield’s life difficult in the second half. Devo and others had him flustered and reacting to the slightest bit of contact. He had only 2 points – at the line – in the second half until the final 2:06. Then he scored 10 points with the game out of reach. Job well done on him after half.


That seems to be a pattern of Muss’ teams. They can more often than not shut down or really change the other team’s scorers. That takes both coaching (a lot of that) and talent.


Indeed. Brazile goes out and Mitchell steps up. He can be a stopper and showed some moves to the basket on their big man. If Walsh can be a threat consistently from 3, we should be solid with several guys who can hit the 3, drive, or dish, and have skill inside. That is a championship combo. Happy times for the Hogs.


Yes it is happy times for Arkansas round ball fans, in its hey day rosters like our made schools a dynasty because the great players stayed 3 to 4 years and almost became unbeatable. We will see a big turnover next year unless the NIL money gets huge I’m afraid. WPS

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