Drew Sanders?

Could he come back?

Noticed he has not declared for NFL yet.

Could he? It is a possibility (he could)

Will he? No, kid is being projected as a 1st rounder. Got to get the money


Yep. But really need to find a replacement in the portal. Maybe another BAMA or Georgia player who doesn’t want to wait.

Bama has several players entering the portal

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Portal has changed everything. Saban can longer sell a kid to go to Alabama, sit for 2 or 3 years, until it’s their turn. They can go to Arkansas, play almost immediately and the possibly go to the pros.


He could but I would be shocked if he did he is going to be a high draft pick by all accounts.

Hafta think about that a little bit—rides pine at Bama then blossoms at Arkansas and becomes a high draft pick.

What does that tell recruits and portals?

He was a bit of a unicorn. The key fact is that Saban thought he was an edge rusher. He wanted to play inside linebacker. If they had let him move to inside linebacker, he would not have left Alabama.

I will be interested to see where an NFL team projects him. He won’t have much of a say after he’s drafted.

Can he go to combines and see where he projects and get feedback and decide then if he wants to come back to try to prove to them where he can play, even if he declares?

I don’t think so. You are either in or out. Not like nba.

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