Drew Sanders is visiting

Might be a signal. We’ll see.

Probably is…

I am not sure I get the meaning of this


Kid chooses Oklahoma

It’s hard to believe he would want to leave the SEC knowing he could dang well start here in a system that is set up for linebackers to make a ton of tackles… Makes me think there was some big time benjamins being floated around if this is true… he had to see how well we played against Alabama…

How do you come up with this? Sanders is not mentioned. No replies to that tweet mention him either. Am I missing something here? I do not have a twitter account so I am somewhat limited in what I can see, I think.

Well it’s a single that is one ugly dude!

OU 247 board says he’s about to commit to OU

Kid was committed to ou before flipping to Alabama.

Venables is a great defensive coach who told him what he would do for him.

Lots of Dallas and Denton kids play at ou.

Coaches typically tweet out stuff like that when they get a big commit.

It was always gonna be an uphill battle for us here.

Now hearing he’ll decide on Sunday. It appeared he would decide on Saturday.

Still Arkansas and Oklahoma battle here. Still reasons to feel good about Arkansas.


Thanks Richard I would hate to lose him!

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Not saying he’s coming but I think Arkansas might get him.



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Richard, would you agree that the longer it goes before a commitment, favors the hogs ?

Honestly couldn’t say.

In the end, I think SEC & success of Ark LBs will play a factor.


Yeah I mean he has to look at our defense is set up for the linebackers to make tackles.
The only thing I can think of him going to Oklahoma would be not having to play against Alabama… We sure do need him!

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Richard are you still feeling somewhat positive?

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I’m not Richard but I just posted that he is following all Arkansas people none from Oklahoma and I had put up the same video of Scherer, I would have to say things are looking very good based on those two things