Drew Sanders is visiting

I don’t like the sound of that.

Heard it went well. I reached out to him but haven’t heard back. Not surprised there.

Transfers usually aren’t big talkers.

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What makes you think Oklahoma’s a player Richard?? Venables??

Well, one Texas recruiting guy said it was between OU and Arkansas, another one put in the CB for Texass, lol. So, that should confuse everyone.

I would think he would like to stay in the sec and play against Bama as well.

Hopefully you will get some inside scoop Rice and I hope it is good news for us. We need this young man badly!

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Yeah TOS said that he was 100% for Texas… I would think he would want to play in the best conference in the country but money talks and that’s home so we shall see

Yeah we need him very badly because we will not get to add a player of his caliber going forward…

It was a 24/7 prediction from one reporter, whereas another guy on the same site said it was between OU and Arkansas. I figure OU has a good chance since he was committed there at one time, and with Venables as the HC. Hopefully he doesn’t commit anywhere this weekend, unless it’s us, of course!

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Ok I gotcha. That’s what you were referring to about one of them saying between us and Oklahoma.
Let’s just hope he wants to play in the SEC.
He will pretty much start wherever he goes so I don’t know if that’s going to be a card we can play that can help us…I would think he would have to be extremely impressed with the way we played against Alabama in the way we destroyed Texas but that’s just me I’m sure they’ll probably be some benjamins involved somewhere along the line

So Richard are we a player too? Thoughts

Can’t see why not. He was recruited and coached by Ashley.

Lol …. A player with Player …. But can we pull Sanders ?

lol…“Who’s on first?”

We are on some LB’s and DL players that would be immediate starters.

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Might hear something soon.

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We need some good news. A high value player committing might be the spark that pulls in three or four more we are after.

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RD Will it be good news or bad news?

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I think there’s reasons for optimism but we’ll see.


Sounds good :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: