Drew Sanders is visiting

He arrived this afternoon. Was planning to put it out tonight when he arrived at the basketball game.


Really want him…:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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RD do you have a feel on Sanders?

If you have three LBs that make 100 tackles in the same year that should get any LBs attention.


And if you are in Fayetteville a day after entering the portal and two days after the national title game, it’s a good sign


RD and DD I hope you guys are right. It would nice to see him next season in a Razorback uniform.

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I’m glad to hear you say that Dudley ! You know he would have to be impressed seeing how well our linebackers played

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Not saying he’s coming but only natural a LB would be impressed with what Arkansas has done with the LB group the past two seasons.


Supposedly he’s going to Oklahoma tomorrow and Texas Friday is that what you’re hearing??


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natural circle home to Denton. Which is not a Texas locale that we have had a lot of success recruiting, and we have tried for decades. Hope this is a trend breaker. Ridgeway should get a lion’s share of credit for second level making so many tackles and we need Isaiah Nichols to be similarly successful. Seems the only way to get the LB success we had.

Sanders is about to wrap his visit to Arkansas here in a few. Hearing things are going very well.


We really need him hope they’re wrong about him being 100% to Texas… that’s home I understand but nothing like playing in the SEC

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100% as in one person? He might very well go to Texas. Hard seeing a better situation than Arkansas where he would most likely step right in and start.


I totally agree with you. I saw elsewhere and they were saying one recruiting service was saying he was 100% to Texas. The way our linebackers have played and we’re in the SEC and getting better to me would be hard to turn down.
I sure hope we can get him


Is it a Longhorn beat writer? Because they’re just as delusional as their fans a lot of the time and think that everyone in Texas bleeds burnt orange.

I think the service they were saying it was TOS, I assume that’s a recruiting service

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Drew left about 11 am.

I think OU will be a player here.

Money will be a big part of the equation but the chance to vie for a NC may carry equal weight.

How did the visit go here? I think we’re just behind OU due to him being committed there for a bit and Veneables now the coach.