Drew Morgan

Did anyone see what happened on the play after which he was ejected?

Spit in the face of a defender.

I wish he had done that in the first half. Might have been a different game.


What a way to be remembered in your final football game. UA discipline issues everywhere on this team. Breakdown.

Yeah, it’s a shame that two Arkansas kids ended their career on a such a bad note. Morgans will be forgotten but Sprinkle will forever be remembered for his Belk Bowl experience.

I’ll never forget the bewildered sideline stare of Austin Allen who threw 3 deadly picks inside our red zone in second half. He got rattled by his shaky O-line and panicked. Defense was just too thin to compete 4 quarters. Need a complete, fresh start next year. O line can’t be worse, and defense better be different.

Don’t know about that he had two crucial drops and melt downs in the game to change momentum

O line can’t be worse…
[/quote]They could be worse but the fact is CBB is unable to recruit good lineman or else is unable to evaluate and coach good linemen. He does appear to be qualified in other positions.


I believe he put OL recruiting in Pittman’s hands. Maybe he put too much trust in Pittman. Maybe we have googled young OL that he didn’t want to play before they were ready. Time will tell.