Drew Morgan is the heart & soul of this team.

I felt that Drew picked up the spirits of last year’s team and is even more vocal this year. He brings a swagger that was evident last year, but is at a whole different level this year. He has more credible influence in the locker room than he did last year (his credibility improved through the winning streak last year to be very good). He is cocky and tough enough to play through serious shoulder pain. The other players could see how Drew was playing through an injury last year and it was motivation to be tough. Drew and Skipper are the tough guys that create a culture that is still growing. Drew adds a very positive vibe to the huddle. Drew and Skipper allow AA to just be the QB without having to be a leader.

I think that we are seeing AA taking control out on the field too. I saw him chew an OL man or two out last night for missing blocks. Herbstreit said last night that the OL takes the longest time to gel. When that happens, this team is going to be very tough to beat.

Not sure I’d go that far, but only because I think this team has several remarkable, big-heart players. Morgan plays as hard & with as much desire as anyone I’ve seen in a long time. Talk about a kid who came out of nowhere (last year) & has make a mark. He’s great.

As Hog Dynasty said, AA is becoming a leader. Deatrich Wise is really good and vocal. Hatcher is very vocal. Ragnow is vocal.

To often we haven’t had that and it seems that edge was missing

This team has bite so far and no quit