Drew Morgan and Jeremy Sprinkle apologize

Jeremy released a statement through the university.

<LINK_TEXT text=“http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2016 … oplifting/”>http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2016/dec/30/jeremy-sprinkle-apologizes-shoplifting/</LINK_TEXT>

Drew tweeted his apology out.

<LINK_TEXT text=“http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2016 … n-twitter/”>http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2016/dec/30/drew-morgan-apologizes-belk-bowl-ejection-twitter/</LINK_TEXT>

Drew Morgan apologized for getting ejected, NOT for the behavior that got him ejected. There is a difference. Additionally, he apologized to almost everyone EXCEPT the Virginia Tech player he spit on. Not much of an apology in my opinion.

I’ve got to think that some of these characters moving on is a good thing for the team. There is something going on with the team - or some of them - for this to be happening.

I expect Morgan doesn’t want to get drawn into a discussion of what precipitated his bad behavior? Knowing what led to the spitting is relevant to assessing the quality of the apology. If he was just being verbally taunted for his miscues that contributed to the meltdown then, yes, it was not much of an apology…

I agree Dave. It like hitting someone in the head with a club and getting arrested for it, then apologizing for getting arrested, but not for hitting the person with the club. Morgan apologized for the results of his conduct, not for his conduct of spitting in an opponents face. That’s no apology at all.

I thought the same thing Dave.

You are right on Dave.

I would like to think that the VPI player did something obnoxious to cause Drew to snap, er uh spit. But I doubt that we will know what that was. So until then, that was not much of an apology.

No much of a manly retaliation either. If the guy did something egregious , then knock the !@#%% out of him since you’re going to be ejected any way.

Assuming a lot. I am told that he called the young man.

It was ridiculous for him to spit.

But dude made one mistake after four years of giving everything he had for the football team and the University.

I hope you aren’t defined by one mistake like you are trying to define him

Is the incident caught on camera and showing actual spit flying out from him and onto the VT player’s face and what preceded this?
Sorry but I’m overseas and wasn’t privey to any rebroadcasts or replays.

Drew Im sure was caught up in the heat and emotion of the moment and overreacted. ( doesn’t make it right) and it being his last hoorah was trying to do magical things to help his team win, they all ultimately backfired, but it wasn’t from lack of effort or pride.
I honestly cant give an opinion on the apology without knowing all the facts.

Jeremy on the other hand, totally inexcusable and disheartening.

Both of them were inexcusable and if they had any history of poor decisions then maybe it would define them.

I have lived most of my life doing the right thing. But I got a DWI once.

I hope I am not judge by that one thing.

Dudley if that is about the only small mistake you made in life, well that is remarkable in itself.

There may be some perfect humans out there, but I don’t think I have met any or very few if I have. That includes me as far as non-perfect by a long shot. I was young once. Whew!

It was stunning to see Drew play poorly in the third quarter, just as stunning to see him do what caused him to be ejected. Nothing is going to change what he did. When he said he was sorry, I figured he was covering all of it. He didn’t make a line item apology. Some may need that. I don’t.

I’ve made mistakes and felt a need to apologize. And, I did.

There are probably going to be some who are going to stay mad at Drew (and Jeremy) for a long time. I won’t be one of those. Guess I know them well enough to see that it was way out of character. I’m still stunned over a lot of things that happened in that game, including the unsportsmanlike things I saw from the Hokies. It was a crazy night for sure and a nightmare of a day from the point that you heard of Sprinkle’s mistake until the very end of the game.

Drew and Jeremy have and certainly will in the future pay for their mistakes. I don’t think as a fan base that we should hold it against them. Sprinkle’s mistake will be on his record and cost him his final game in a Razorback uniform. Morgan’s didn’t cost him but 5 minutes of playing time, but both sullied their names. I would hope the lead paragraph in future stories would not be “Jeremy Sprinkle, who was caught shoplifting …” or “Drew Morgan, who spit on an opponent …” They have been too good to Arkansas for one mistake to define them.