Dre Greenlaw with the huge INT!

Picked off Russell Wilson in the red zone in OT with Seattle driving for possible game-winner TD, and big return into Seahawks territory.

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And then the kicker misfired and wasted a great play by Dre.

And the Seachickens get a field goal to win. The '72 Dolphins, those that are still around, can celebrate. No one will go unbeaten in the NFL this year.

Dre is one of my favorite Razorbacks. 2 or 3 years ago, we managed to score 2 tickets in row A on the 40 yard line, directly behind the Hog bench. Two Hog players came off the field arguing (don’t remember who). It got really heated, but just before it looked like it was about to become a fight, Dre, who was on the stationary bike behind them, came over. He said a few words (couldn’t hear what), but they stopped immediately. Dre just walked back to the bike. He, not only was an outstanding player, but also a great team leader.