Drastic Measure

Five games into the season, two non-conference wins (FL A&M, NM ST), no SEC win (L: TAM, SC) and Loss to a worthy opponent TCU. The remaining games: @AL, AU, @MS, Costal Carolina, @LSU, MS ST, & MO. realistically putting AL & AU in the loss column, can we win the rest and have a 7-5 season? Maybe; if we change QB to Cole Kelley. I have been Allen(s) supporter over the years. I think a lot of them. When the State was chewing on Brandon, I wrote a post “In Defense of Allen” and pointed out other problems contributing to his demise. Today I see Austin who is beaten, somewhat injured, out of rhythm, slow to deliver and unable to run. That has affected the overall performance of the offense. To salvage the season, we still have enough games left to do something about it. We must change to Cole Kelley. He is bigger, taller, can run and take hits better. With all that he has going it should change the dynamics of the offense. Throw if you have time, run if lane opens. That in itself should affect the way we run. Is it drastic? maybe. Do we have a choice? No, if we want to salvage the season.

So, what do you want Mike to do? Go with 5 bigs? :smiley:

Just kidding, but I do think you put this on the wrong board.

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Sorry, I accidently had this posted in the basketball Forum. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Thank you!!


Sorry, I accidently had this posted in the basketball Forum. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

It was meant in fun. Most of us have done that on occasion.`

And, by the way, it is a good thoughtful post. Throwing Kelly out there against alabama in his first start is a little un-nerving, I think. For me, if not for him.


Under normal circumstances, wouldn’t be a wise choice. However things aren’t normal. We are at a point “if you have a big gun use it today, tomorrow too late”.


I like Cole. My concern for starting him now (unless AA is not healthy enough) is he does have a big gun, but his inexperience in the league may cause him to think he can get away with the big gun without mechanics. He was baited into throwing that Pick-6 yesterday. Obviously, AA threw one, too, but CK wasn’t running for his life when he threw it. He had some pressure but thought he could fit it in a tight window. CK will be a good one, if he fits the system in the years to come.

He could have completed a lot of passes this year that AA has thrown short. As well he can see over the middle. By the way this season is toast so Cole needs to gain the experience now!
The offense looks flat. This team once something bad happens turns and put their head down and it’s over. That’s where these coaches are suppose to do their jobs and motivate them.
We will be lucky to win 5 games the way the team looks! This team is more pathetic than the team Coach B put on the field his first year ! At least that team had some fight. This team lacks that fight!
I’m going to watch and support my hogs but I don’t expect them to win another game. Missouri will beat them again.

Last year we had at least a passing game, and ran well at times. This year we can not block for run, and can not protect. we can’t run or pass. Defense is still questionable for run and pass defense. Kicking game, we are still trying to figure out who can do what. I am not too optimistic but hopeful. I am disappointed with the coaching staff. I almost question everything, play calling, defense, scheme, you name it. I like coach B, and want him to succeed.

With respect, AA is NOT the problem.

Is he having a “good” season? No.

Are there a lot of reasons for that other than his personal performance? In my opinion, “yes”.

Austin gives us our best chance to win, today, and it isn’t close. The season is slipping away - I get that. But it’s not completely lost yet. We’re trending in that direction - but it’s not over yet. If (when?) we’re 3-6 . . . well, maybe at THAT point you might consider moving into Steamboat mode for the sake of the future. But I believe we owe these senior s their BEST chance to salvage something of this season, and that comes with playing Austin - for the time being.

If this season is “toast,” then why don’t you go and look all the seniors in the eye, including Frank Ragnow, and tell them they are on the bench from this point on, because we’re playing for next year, not this year. No true competitor wants to throw the season away with seven games left. Will the team win more than one more game? Nobody knows. But I want them going to Alabama fully expecting to pull off the upset. You and I may think it’s impossible, but if those players take the field without that attitude, they aren’t the players I think they are. Now when and if things go south, they may give up, like it appeared they may have against South Carolina. But for the seniors, they can still salvage a bowl game, and they should be given every opportunity to do so.

BTW, I’m not against using Cole Kelley if for no other reason than to give a different look. Maybe AA goes two series and CK goes one or two. But to throw him to the wolves is not very smart unless AA is hurt and cannot answer the bell.