Draper to Arkansas

Welcome to our Hog family Levi! Great to have you onboard!

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Great news.


I’m so happy. Levi’s mother is my wife’s first cousin. I have known him and his family for a long time. They are great people.

Let me just say that they are over the moon.

This move makes all the sense in the world for both sides.

I think he will be a plug and play for us and will be a nice addition—maybe a great addition.

He also has 2 years of eligibility, I believe.

Yes, love it! man, do we need LB’s. very good chance that this helps our team this fall.


Awesome I was wondering when he was going to do that

Great news!!!

Yes, he does have two years of eligibility

Great to see you back on the board. Don’t be a stranger.

I agree longtimehog…

Great to see notorious back.

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I agree! I think he steps in and plays right away.has the size and agility to be a very good player for us!

As a grad transfer, is he factored in to the recruiting rankings?


Franks, Jacobs and Draper…and Kelly will not be factored into the rankings, but obviously have the chance to and should be impact players right away.

So our class will be grossly undervalued, even though we get the value for a short time. :sunglasses: After all of the signings are finished, it would be interesting to apply the ranking calculation formula to include transfers.

It is good to have a recruit’s mother’s wife’s first cousin, no? I think so. But it may take awhile for my brain to unpack that. Great to add an experienced and talented backer though. That I know for sure. Welcome aboard Levi!

Yes Not sure why the smarta** post.

It’s really simple. His mom and my wife are first cousins and grew up together.

How hard is that to unpack?

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My apologies nototious. There is a commercial for some sort of legal service that I was playing off of. I am very excited that Levi will be a Hog. It’s good to see you posting again!

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