DraftExpress interview with Moses


He’s been in Chicago working out.

Moses has also worked out with the Pacers and Celtics.

I wish he would go to the Spurs. It seems like a natural fit.

ATL would be a good fit. He’s well trained for Bud’s defense, and they have a good development program. I think Moses will play in the NBA, later if not sooner.

I tend to be a bit skeptical he will ever play in the NBA. Maybe I’ll be wrong. Last summer, I compared him to Jarvis Varnado when talking to someone close to the program and they countered with the point Varnado blocked a ton more shots and didn’t really make it in the league.

But everyone’s different. The DE interview was encouraging in the sense that his head seems like it’s in the right place. He seems to understand exactly how he would fit on a roster as an energy big who blocks shots, rebounds and hustles.

I did think it was interesting that he is focusing mainly on mid-range pick-and-pop stuff. He obviously showed he had some range this year, so extending to the NBA 3 would make him a lot more valuable. More and more centers can shoot 3s and that’s what he would be in the NBA, an undersized 5.

Hopefully he makes it. Always seemed like a solid dude. Regardless, he’ll get to make a living playing basketball somewhere, which is pretty cool.

Moses has much better offensive skills than Varnado. I think he has a good shot at signing as a free agent.

He’s definitely a better shooter than Jarvis and that counts for something. But neither were/are going to be guys who command post-ups in the NBA. I think Jarvis being a better rebounder and shot blocker more than makes up for that since neither are going to be offensive weapons.

Will be interested to see how Moses does in summer league. That’s typically not a setting that caters to bigs, but he’ll need to turn some heads. If he can get a camp invite, anything’s possible.

His chance is to be a guy who can guard multiple positions. I don’t really see the Varnardo Comp. It seems to me that Moses runs better than him. But, Varnardo was a better shot blocker and rebounder.

As is the case for almost all but the truly elite, it will come down to need, fit and opportunity.

Beverley was very unlikely to stick in the NBA but he put in the work and has become a defensive stalwart.

It’s a different position and type of player but Moses will have to be a blue collar player to stick but stranger things have happened.

The Varnardo comp was based on them having similar builds (Moses is actually quite a bit heavier now that I look at it) and both being elite shot blockers in college. Rim protection is the calling card for both. You’re probably right that Moses is the more mobile of the two.

Hopefully Moses is more Pat Bev than BJ Young. I think his mentality is probably more like the former, but like you pointed out, he has to go to the right situation and actually get an opportunity.

Moses is an underrated perimeter defender. Bigs that can block shots and step out are getting ever more valuable. He can shoot. Unlike a lot of bigs, I don’t think his offensive game is inherently constrained. He has room to grow in that regard. If Delgado is an NBA player, Moses isn’t that far behind. I wouldn’t be at all displeased as an ATL fan, as opposed to a Hog fan, to see ATL take him the second round and stash him for development.

I think Moses would be a great pick for the Warriors. He fits their style of play.

Comments: I can see him playing in the NBA as a 4, he might go the d- league for a season or two

He’ll play summer league for someone and could earn a camp invite based off his performance there. Definitely not out of the realm of possibility given his mobility and ability to protect the rim. It’s just generally hard for bigs to shine in summer league. Caters much more to the guards.

I think he’s an undersized 5 in the modern pro game. He seems to agree, based on comparing himself to Clint Cappela.