Draft perspective.....

Delvin Granberg (the DBU player who was the MVP of our regional) was drafted in the 6th round by the Red Sox. He was a senior. He signed for $40K after a year in which he hit .443 with 13 HR and 26 SB. He is 6’2, 224 lbs.

I would argue it would be difficult to have a better senior season than that yet he had zero leverage.

If you are a junior and want a shot at the big leagues and to pocket a little money for your efforts you almost have to go if you are drafted.

Great point. I read an article last year that tracked signing bonuses for players from different classes. High school seniors received 111.8 percent of the suggested slot value for their picks. College juniors received 96.4 percent and college seniors received 12.2 percent of slot value.

Leverage is everything. It’s sad that it works that way, but compared to the one-and-done in college basketball, I like the baseball system much better.