Draft Express names Nick Smith Jr. top HS basketball prospect

“a chance to be good” lol…

Well one thing you got to remember Smith is playing against high School guys who he knows he’s way better than… he will not be as aggressive in college cuz he will not be able to… he will be more of a passer than you think… he knows he can blow right by these guys in high school… Be a whole lot tougher against SEC talent

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I called him good or really good 4-5 times in the thread and compared him favorably to an SEC POY, but sure. pick that sentence out and act like I’m trashing him. lol lol rotflmao lol haha ttfn jk haha lolol

I have no idea what your last sentence even means. Please speak English. Just looks like you were typing random letters.


I deciphered all of it but ttfn.

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ta ta for now.


What do all these things mean?

Spanish, or would that be cutting them down?

No comprende

I believe that he is a lot like Darius Garland whom most on this board never saw in high school which is the proper time frame comparator. Nick is gonna grow and has really been impressive for a Looong time.

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