Draft Express names Nick Smith Jr. top HS basketball prospect


Reminds me a lot of Lee Mayberry.
Very excited to see this young man play

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Wow. So excited to watch him play.

A lot of additional national coverage comes with having a player who is vying for the #1 spot.

I know there is some buzz about the French big Wembanyama being one of the best prospects in years.


In what aspect does he remind you of Lee Mayberry?

He reminds me of Ron Huery.

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The way he handles the ball, his quickness to the hole, and his shooting ability… all remind me of him

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I can see some of that in him.

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Interesting. I don’t see that comp. They don’t seem that much alike, to me, at all.

Mayberry was probably 3 inches shorter, and was the consummate, true PG who could score.

He was cool as a cucumber, unselfish to a fault, almost always under control, and really picked his spots. He was also a very efficient shooter.

I like Smith. He has a chance to be very good.But, he’s is a 30% 3 point shooter.

He gets floaters and draws fouls like crazy. He’s of the new mold, always seeking and drawing fouls.

Smith plays with his hair on fire and pushes the ball and gets (as the video shows) a lot of transition or secondary break layups. He’s always looking to be out top, defensively, release and run the floor.

Smith gets a lot of offensive rebounds off of his own offense and quick second jump putbacks and FTs. He uses a lot of screens, or takes off from half court and goes. He emphasizes slight contact and gets a lot of calls with his frame.

He is a much better and more willing passer than he once was. Coming up, he was an absolute black hole. If he had it, it was going up. He has really improved in that area.

Smith has a motor and he’s very competitive. He’s not afraid to play D. He just (like most) has a hard time keeping a quick guard in front.

I think he has a chance to be good and score a bunch of points for us.

If anything, he reminds me more of a Mason Jones—both are quick, ball dominant, volume shooters and scorers with a knack for scoring despite being the focus of the defense.

Jones is the better shooter and has a bigger body.

Smith is the better passer and better jumper.

Jones is 2 inches taller but Smith’s arms appear to be much longer.

That seems like a much closer comp to me—Smith and Jones. Mayberry played the game in a much different way than Smith.

That’s why we have opinions… Smith is calm,under control, sees the floor well… can score inside or outside. All those things relate to Mayberry. Either way he’s going to be a great player I think we both can agree on that.

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It’s a message board, so ya, we have opinions. Kinda just discussing hoops.

No one mocked anyone or called anyone names or trashed the kid or the post/poster, so there’s really no need for a disclaimer about it being an opinion.

That’s kind of a given. t’s just a hoops discussion. That’s all. And, it’s fun and interesting—kinda the point (or one of the points) of the board.

I’ve watched Smith a lot and there’s not much calm about him. He’s full throttle. And, I like it.

He should be very good and be a fan favorite who scores a to of points.

Cmon surely we can do better than a mason jones comparison for the number one player in the nation? What about Ron Brewer? Big guard, great scorer, not great three point shooter

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Well you had one viewpoint and I had another that’s why I said that’s “our” opinion. Nice way of saying agree to disagree.


Time will tell. All is guesswork until then.

Lol. Now Mason is chopped liver because of his star ranking?

That’s who I think Smith plays like. If you think I’m wrong, jump in and explain why other than some star ranking.

Their games are similar.

To the point you tried to make, there isn’t the huge talent gap between Mason and Smith that you imply.

Smith isn’t the number one player in the country. He’s really good, and deserves a high ranking, but when I think 1/1 I think physical, impose-your-will freak. He isn’t that. But, he’s really good.

And, after losing all the weight, Mason was much, MUCH better than his no-star ranking. If you were ranking him after his college career how would you rank him? High 4 star at least, right? Maybe 5. What is an appropriate ranking for the best player in a huge league?

Let’s not forget that Mason averaged 22 PPG, 5.5 RPG and 3.5 APG. And he was:

  • [AP) Honorable Mention [All-American
  • SEC Co-Player of the Year
  • First team All-SEC

Hs also had multiple 40 pt games, and 2 other 38-pt games and shot a ton of shots and still shot 45% from the floor and 35% from 3.

If being compared to Mason is bad, you might want to recalibrate. He had one of the best individual seasons in school history and is cashing checks from the Lakers.


Mason Jones now? I’d say 4 stars. How many 5 stars per class are there? Like 14 or something right? Definitely 15-20 players his age better in the nba.

Who do you think is better now mason jones or Isaiah Joe? The sixers have incompetent management granted

My friend I’m talking to right now says Jordan Walsh is the number one player. Would eat nick smiths lunch he said haha idk

He’s also telling me Darrian Ford is working out with joe Johnson so he’s going to be the best one in the class

I think Moses Moody looks better than mason joe or nick smith by a long shot. I’ve been watching the Santa Cruz Warriors on YouTube

I’ve watched Smith the past 4 years (his grandfather is a friend).

DD’s comparison of Smith’s game with BJ Young was was a good one. Smith is a more skilled player, but both rely on great athleticism. Other than Matt Jones, UA has
probably never had a faster player than these two.


Dogen, you are going to be pleasantly surprised by Nick Smith.

He will probably lead the team in points, assists and steals in his one year at UA.


I’ll comment, I’ve seen someone compare him to Day. Not necessarily in how they play, but how Smith is a guy who is going to score and not many will be able to stop him. I see that in Smith, I don’t see the Mayberry comparison. Lee Mayberry was one of my favorite Hogs of all time (and I think he and Day should have jerseys hanging next to Corliss and Super Sid), but I lean toward Notorious, Smith is a true SG with handles, Mayberry was a true PG that can shoot.

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Was Patrick Beverley as fast?

I’m pleasantly surprised by a number one in the class ranking. That is insanely good, elite. We are looking at a class comparable with either triplets team or any other of the greats except we got a fab five coming :eyes: