Draft eligible players?

Are these guys eligible this year?


None of them are eligible for the draft. I don’t think there are any draft-eligible sophomores on the team.

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Wallace wouldn’t have been draft eligible last year except they pushed the draft back a few weeks, IIRC. Don’t think they’re doing that again this year.

Good question. We’re clearly a better team next year with those four returning. Smith seems to have better control this season (WHIP 1.21 vs 1.55). Diggs is certainly hitting better (such as today’s results).

I do t think so.

The draft is at the same time as it has been the past two years, in July around the All-Star break. This year’s dates are July 9-11.

When Wallace signed, the draft was still in June and his birthday fell just outside the 45-day window. Once the draft was pushed back three or four weeks, his birthday fell within that window.

They signed him with the thought that he would be playing three seasons.

They would have signed him for two seasons if that’s the way it looked then. He was a special talent.

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