Dr. Hill's update on Justice's plans

I am sure DD and RD already know this. This evening on radio, Fitz Hill mentioned that over the last week he met with Mike and got his okay on plan for Justice.

Under this plan, Justice will attend summer school this year and the following year so that he can be ready to enroll in 2018 Fall along with the rest of Hog 5.

However, the two will meet again before summer of 2018 to decide if Mike truly needs Justice for the year 2018-19. If Mike believes that he does not need him for 2018-19 season, Justice will then not attend 2018 Summer school and be then ready to enroll in 2019 Spring and start practicing with rest of the Hog 5.

Dr. Hill believes if Justice does end up enrolling in 2019 Spring, it will put him in good shape for the family’s primary goal of Justice graduating with a Masters degree.

My take after hearing this was that whether he enrolls in Fall 2018 or Spring 2019 depends on whether Mike has a PG in place for the 2018-19 season. And it is more likely Justice will enroll in 2019 Spring rather than 2018 Fall.

Sounds like a good plan. I never though of it from the aspect of enrolling early to put yourself in a position to graduate with a masters by the time your eligibility is up. It shouldn’t be hard especially if he stays on campus each summer and takes classes then, you actually hear about guys getting their Bachelor degree in 3 years all the time, so getting a Masters in 4 1/2 is possible.

And I agree with you, enrolling in Spring 2019 sounds more likely. We should land a decent PG this Spring, and between that person, the 2018 guards we have coming in, plus the guys on the roster now, we should be alright. If not, that means we had some guys underachieving.

Thanks. This is what I’ve interpreted since the news broke at Real Deal.


That’s it

would certainly make a difference in that Master’s degree ambition. I chose the gradual school route to my M.S. which probably would not apply to Justice and the Hill family, but enrolling to enhance a Master’s achievement is a new twist on early appearance especially considering all the potential physical growth left in Justice at that time.

I knew Fitz when we were kids. He was pretty much grown as a freshman in high school. If young Mr. Hill follows suit then he’s done growing.