Down year for SEC Men’s and Women’s Basketball?

This has to be one of the worst non-conference seasons for SEC men’s and women’s basketball.

It was developing into a bad one and came to a head last night with LSU losing to East Tennessee State, Vandy losing to Loyola Chicago, Tennessee to Cindy and Kentucky to Utah. I attended East Tennessee’s narrow win over UALR and they looked good, but I thought LSU would beat them with ease.

Not sure how many SEC teams will be ranked next week, especially since Auburn faces its first P5 opponent tonight.

Same scenario is developing in the women’s side. I heard Mike Neighbors talk about that on Little Rock radio yesterday.

Perhaps this sets up Arkansas men well to finish in Top 5 and women to finish in Top 3 this year. Arkansas men is the only team with no freshman on the roster and women are loaded on offense. A good year to make noise.

Calipari and Krzyzewski talked about this potential issue a couple of years ago–and no one is going to cry for them about this; however, I thought it was an interesting point, so I socked it away in my head.

They mentioned that, although they pull in the best one-and-done talent, it creates problems with trying to get the team to mesh together. In years when they can’t get that chemistry to work out, you end up with bad losses to teams heavily laden with seniors who have been together for at least 2 or 3 years.

Again, they still pull in the best talent in the world, so I’m not sorry for them, but I thought that this year exemplified what they were worried about. I think that’s why both of them have been on record as saying they dislike the one-and-done rule–even thought no one benefits from it more than they do.

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LSU looked really bad for most of the second half last night. Joe Kleine, who was doing the color commentary, hit it on the head with his comments about too many quick shots without passing (the ball “sticking” to one side of the court) and the lack of urgency by LSU.

Last night LSU looked like a team with talent that thinks it can win just by showing up, and that was true for both the returning guys like Smart and Mays and the newcomers. That will work some times, but if they don’t develop some leadership and consistent intensity, they are going to have a record that is worse than their talent level.

I’ve said all my life that basketball is an equal opportunity sport. Even mediocre teams can knock off great teams if the great team has an off night and the mediocre team is shooting lights out.

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Or officials thinking they’re the attraction :grin:

Oh yes indeed.

Unlike football, there is no such thing as “SEC officials” in hoops. They all work multiple conferences, so they spread the incompetence around.

I was very impressed with the team Darrell Walker has put together at UALR. He has good players in all positions and will win a lot of games this year. JMVVVVHO

I agree. Excellent PG that can rip it from the deep, athletic SG/SF transfer from UNLV and unusual size for a mid-major, especially when Nikola Maric returns from the NCAA ban for taking money as a 14 year old.

In 2014, the SEC got THREE teams in the Dance. Georgia finished tied for second at 12-6, and got left out, in part because they were 7-7 in NC games. We were 22-12/10-8 and left out after one-and-done in the SECT. I bet the league’s nonconference record that year was considerably worse than this. And we’ll get considerably more than three teams in this year.

This MIGHT be a down year for men but sure isn’t for women! Girls are ranked 21st and have lost ONE game to California on the road by 4 points. The guys have lost 1 game on the road to Western Kentucky by 7 points in OT, so I don’t get where you think on present schedules basketball is going to have a downer year! The girls were picked 5th in SEC ahead of Tennessee! The guys weren’t picked very high but I think Muscleman will have them ready to play! I think you need to do a little research before you make such a ridiculous statement!

He said down year for SEC, not for AR. Then he said both AR teams may finish higher in the conference than projected because of it.

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Methinks you just pulled a Rosanna Rosanna Danna. :wink:

I think that you mean Emily Litella.