Down goes Mizzou

What a crazy ending.

Walked off at home after leading big all day. Odom was already on a flaming hot seat. Kelly Bryant was in attendance.

Kelly Bryant with a Hobson’s Choice. Mizzou or Arkansas. Two horrible football teams this year.

Don’t forget North Carolina. Three horrible teams.

Mizzou got hosed by the ref on the last play. To me, the penalty should have been on the receiver.

Didn’t look catchable but the DB never gave the WR a chance. I would probably say correct call.

I was at a sports bar with some UK friends

It was wild!

Happy for UK

That flag saved UK and now a Mizzou DB is drinking hard - I hope with friends

No team is leading big all day with a point total of 14, and UK defense held Missouri to below 50 yards in the 2nd half and zero first downs.
UK’s defense is legit and kept them close enough to have an opportunity to pull out a road win in the SEC and that they did.
What I find amazing is the fact that UK Football has trended upward with Stoops while Arkansas has hit rock bottom during the same time period, that seems unacceptable, I mean we’re talking about football, not basketball!

Go Hogs!

Stoops and Bert hired in the same year

One an established HC and the other an unproven assistant.

One has worked and grinded and slowly built a very good football team from the ground up while the other partied and self promoted his way to a pink slip handed to him as soon as he left the field

One is playing for an SEC East title next week and the other is asking Bill how he wants his coffee.

What time is the next episode of Being Mark Stoops airing?!?