Down goes Houston

I wasn’t impressed with them

Didn’t see that game but I watched the last 10 minutes of Ohio State-Penn State. First time I’ve seen the Suckeyes, and they are impressive offensively. Not much D being played on either side but Tattoo U shot 56% on the road and scored 90. Eleven of 20 from deep didn’t hurt.

The Big Ten has some muscle but they aren’t as strong as the pundits think.

Houston getting beat should drop them a couple of seed lines. They now have have confirmed their earlier bad loss was no fluke.

The SEC needs to do the same type challenge with the Big Ten just like like do with the Big 12. ( the conference that can’t count.).

I just hope once we get in The Dance we are matched with a Big 10 team. They won’t know what hit em.

I would love to do a challenge with the Big 10! Big 10 can’t count either, lol.

I think it would help the SEC! It would cut a cream puff from our schedule. Keep the Big 12 challenge. I would like to see the SEC do the 20 game conference schedule too just like the Big 10 does. That’s where they improved their metrics.

I honestly can’t disagree with any of that. Set up a challenge with the Big East and ACC too.

I would really like to start a home and home with Kansas also. I don’t know why this hasn’t happened yet. One more thing…how did Baylor, all of a sudden, become so good, with all of the terrible things their athletic department has totally swept under the rug?

They will eventually find a bagman! That’s a terrible place to look at! Waco Texas compared to most college towns
I wouldn’t want Bill Self on our campus even as visiting Head Coach.
The challenges are good. Power 5 teams need to play each other. All of the mid majors need to play each other!
Gonzaga needs to join a real conference. If the power 5 schools would stop playing them where would their Q-1 wins come from?

Funny thing, earlier yesterday somebody sent me a question on Quora whether Wichita State had to beat Houston to make the tournament. I answered that the game WSU needs to win to make the tournament is the AAC final on March 14; ain’t nobody from that league gonna get an at-large unless Houston loses in the tournament. However, WSU actually moved into first place last night on winning percentage (.818 to .786) by beating Cougar High. So maybe its Houston who will need an at-large.

WSU ain’t bad. They lost close games to Misery and Okie Lite at home in December, and beat Ole Miss at Oxford. But I don’t think they’re close to the bubble and don’t have enough games left to get there. And doing all that with an interim coach after Gregg Marshall ran himself off by being a Bobby Knight clone.

They don’t have a football team, haven’t for 80 years. What real conference is going to take them? The only Power Six hoops league that isn’t football-heavy is the Big East, and even by the standards of modern conferences, a team in Spokane, Washington, joining the Big East is ridiculous. The shortest road trip would be Omaha (Creighton); then Milwaukee and Chicago.

Well I think Gonzaga gets entirely too much air time! They can win when they fail to play well in that conference. The quality of competition in their league is poor at best!

Houston should drop like a rock!
The Shockers aren’t an NCAA tourney at large team! They better win the league based of win percentage that’s their only path like you said.
The same thought come to mind about Drake and their conference.

NET can be used to rank conferences as well as teams. Right now the American (Houston, WSU) is only slightly behind the Pac-12 (a real conference?), and the West Coast (Gonzaga, BYU) is right behind the American. Out of 31 conferences that are actually playing this season, they’re ranked 7th and 8th. It ain’t the Big Ten or SEC (the top two), but it ain’t the SWAC or Scum Belt either.

I can remember some very good teams at BYU and Pepperdine (had the NC State team that won the NC over Houston dead to rights in the first round that year) and Santa Clara (Steve Nash) and Saint Mary’s. San Francisco has one more NCAA title than we do. The West Coast Conference is a pretty good hoops league. The American’s problem this year is that they didn’t play enough NC games to build a resume so teams with good records like Wichita and SMU aren’t in bubble range.

The Missouri Valley has a great hoops history. Nolan coached in that league. Oscar Robertson and Larry Bird played in that league. In recent times, Wichita made the Final Four out of the MVC eight years ago before moving to the American. Even Houston used to be in the MVC. I don’t know what else Drake could do. They’re 19-2, won at Kansas State (admittedly a bad KSU team, but they went in as a rent-a-win and beat the Mildcats) and split the weekend series with Loyola. They’re only in second place because Loyola has played more games; both have two conference losses.

Neither one of those conferences can count Army. In fact, they need to swap names with each other.

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