Down goes Bama

Glad to be the only SEC team left


I agree…

Yep !!!’

Wait, we don’t have any SEC caliber players according to the people of voted on the all SEC Teams. :joy::joy::joy:

Awful foul shooting killed Bama. I think they were about 11-26, and that included 11-23 or so in regulation.

We need to beat Baylor and advance to gain any more respect. I’m just so happy for coach, the staff, and the team! Who thought that this was achievable when the season started?

Yes and I’m glad our hogs have learned to take the ball to the hole and how to get to the free throw line. We make free throws most of the time and haven’t fell for the 3 since the loss at Bama and LSU. The hogs are a better team right now than Bama.

I never thought or expected the hogs to make it this far! Wining a game or two would have made my day. They have overachieved.

I was glad to see Bama fall… the SEC MVP Jones (a total joke) choked at the FFL late and they couldn’t buy a three or a FT when it counted. Watch the Hogs from back home tonight Bama fans.

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