Down goes Bama!

Oklahoma without arguably their best player made Bama look very mediocre… amazing how average Alabama looked when they had somebody with a hand in their face.They didn’t have all those wide-open 3 they been getting against everybody else, straight man to man defense, if you can play it,IMO is how to slow them down.


Thanks, Boomer.

Bama never got comfortable on offense
They ran the fast break like their hair was on fire and failed to finish.
OU got by with an offensive foul on a play where a guard pushed off on his way up and gave Herb Jones a bloody nose and the refs called it a foul on Jones whom made no contact. That 3 point play was just a snap shot of the game.

Alabama never got comfortable because they had a hand in their face all day, they not used to seeing that,didn’t know how to react. That’s what I saw

Bama is legit. Today they had a bad game against a well coached team. If your gonna lose one…

Looked like Eddie Sutton defense to me; plenty of hands waving and battering Bama. I wonder if we now play too soft in the SEC.

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They had very very few open shots, totally different than what they’ve been seeing

Waving hands in the SEC causes the refs to hyperventilate blowing their whistles so much. That doomed Hawgball as much as anything. SEC refs love calling tickytack fouls.

Bama has been in a valley the last three games but getting by. It caught up with them today with Top 10 killer Oklahoma. They have been tough against Top 10 teams. Sooners will be dangerous in NCAAT.

This loss will probably be good for Bama. They can now refocus, free of carrying the burden of a winning streak.

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