Down by 5

We come all the way back then get carried away and quit doing what brought us back. Rebounding hurting us.

It’s not unusual for teams who have to make big runs to get back into the game to take a little breath and fall behind again. I think the half came at the perfect time. They have a chance to further compose themselves at intermission and get a little rest.

no!!! rebounding never hurts this team!! looked like we never practice blocking out! and can’t hold rebounds we do get!

Repeat of the UNC game last year. Fell down by 15. Recovered to trail by 5 at half. Hope the second half turns out better, especially the last 5 minutes.

Finally at the 6 min mark Mike switches to Match up zone. We come back with zone and have rebounders in the paint. We come back to tie it and Mike goes back to trapping Man ugh! Butler starts getting open shots again to go back up 5.

this game will be decided by if they hit the wide open shots becasue we are still giving them plenty and letting them get to the rim at will.they hit them they win if not we have a chance.also Barford and Macon need to remember last yr and come out on fire the 2nd half.

Might help if Gafford can get involved, too.

Trapping man defense switch leaves Gafford on their PG who takes it to the hole.