Down 14...

Will this be the BB “Citadel game”?

Chance to cut it to 11 after the break. Offense is stagnant.

Missouri is RPI 262 folks.

This would be devastating. We do have a history of coming back on the road. Playing better overall over the last 5 minutes.

We;re making MU look like a top 10 team. We can’t keep overcoming these huge deficits–and, yeah, this will be a devastating loss if we don’t come back. The type of loss that leaves us almost no room for error the rest of the way.

Many people turned on HDN after a home loss to Vandy. At least that Vandy team had Jay Cutler. Mizzou lost at home to Lipscomb and Eastern Illinois.

I suspect this may be CMA’s Vandy game.