Dowell to…

That would also depend on who the new DC is, who they bring with etc. This will be a very key piece of the puzzle for sure and needs to be done sooner rather than later but may not happen until after bowl season is over for all we know. #seriousconcerns

Very good chance of that. Which also means after the early signing period, which only lasts three days.

IMO, if Sam has some people in mind to replace BO and DL he needs to make it happen before the 21st.

Don’t sweat the small stuff, heads up it’s all small stuff ! Way to early to be crying Uncle, let’s wait and see where we are once the dust clears. Give CSP a chance to replace these guys and go from there and it doesn’t matter who we get there’s going to be plenty of fans on the fence and the ones in the other camp jumping for joy.WPS


Let’s see who the replacements are before we decide these are huge losses. Have to weigh it against what the new guys bring. We’ll see.

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I wouldn’t be concerned bout any commitments other than TEs.

If Scherer goes with Barry, the LB commits could get dicey.

I wonder if Pitt is trying to get DL to stay with a promise that he will be the OC next year?

That was the pitch last year to keep him from Kentucky. Briles hasn’t left yet and not sure he will. Pretty big gamble to turn down sec coordinator a second time on hopes of getting job here

2 weeks to nsd. Does Alabama have enough time to close on hasz?

The two Texas lb commits, who is chasing them?

Bama has not stopped recruiting Hasz. Just like UA has kept in contact with some kids.

Agreed for sure. Otherwise these kids bounce or push signing day until February!!!

Have you seen SC social media? They aint rejoicing.

I know people don’t like it but this is why a prospect still maintains contact.

His non compete won’t stop him from becoming a head coach. That wouldn’t be something anyone would require.

But it could be difficult for him to ever come back as the OC here, I’m thinking???

Thankfully it looks like he’s staying ….

I would agree on both counts.

From Twitter, he’s not coming to South Carolina due to pushback from fans.

Well that’s good to know…

This! Plenty of girls. Just saying.
Rumors galore, are we having fun yet?

UNLV is going to be a place where kids might want to go. Along with a cool stadium.

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Well with all the money they have they should have already had and unbelievable stadium but yeah Odom has a chance to do well if he can get the recruits that he needs to compete