Dowell to…

South Carolina? Closing in on a deal per the Carolina 24/7 site.

Can you please tell me what he brought that gave us a bunch of success in his short tenure here? Tight Ends coach, we didn’t utilize TE much if at all. Is it recruiting?

A couple of top five TE’s, and another in this incoming class

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Will be very interesting the next few days. Dowell a huge reason for the TE commitments.

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Richard it could definitely hurt this incoming class

To all of the board members that wanted Odom briles and loggains gone, well here you go.

Probably about to lose the hasz boys and Micah tease and the linebacker commits down in Texas.

Sometimes the dog catches the car.


Well one of the Texas LBers has already signed (not that it counts) and the other I bet sticks …

As far as the TEs , Naw they ain’t going anywhere…

Hide and watch

“Huge Get for Beamer and Company”

We got a few Loggains Haters on the board and we got an up and coming SEC program last year, Kentucky, who tried and failed to hire Dowell and we got an even more up and coming SEC program, South Carolina, whose fans are rejoicing that Dowell might come and run their offense. All the guy did for Arkansas as an assistant was recruit better athletes to his position than any other position coach. Yet, some, here and elsewhere, are saying good riddance. I think I will go with the professionals like Pittman, Beamer, and Stoops on the question of Dowell’s value to any team. Maybe this will be good for him in the long run, not so good for us right now, and he will “prove himself” more and THEN come back to Arkansas as the OC or Head Coach someday.


If he goes to USCe how much y’all want to bet he gets a “non-compete”

yeah we’re about to get pooched is what is about to happen more than likely.

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yep could be sayonara and huge loss! and we may not be done suffering huge losses bc if Scherer leaves we could lose 2 absolute stud LB that we don’t get very often…not a good time for us now especially right before NSD.


This one could hurt us. And with Loggains getting a promotion, I don’t see us convincing him to stay with just a pay increase. Dang.

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We are screwed with some stud recruits if we lose Dowell man. We will lose several as a result and if we lose Scherer even more. Dowell didn’t have much to work with at his position and was recruiting like a boss to bring in studs for it, this will hurt us if we lose him. Our future LB class was one we all have been wanting to see hear and that may get impacted as well. This may suck big time!

Las Vegas is definitely not a football power but have to admit it’d be a pretty cool place to live

Yeah we don’t get the likes of Spence and Sanford very often they normally go to Bama Georgia places like that… will be a massive loss to us especially this close to NSD. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: It doesn’t happen but not looking good

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Yep….fully agree with you sir….very concerned!

I always say, be careful what you wish for. I think next year is going to be a struggle with all the coming and goings. People wanted Odom gone. CHECK!! Loggains. CHECK!! Briles: TBD. :coffee::sunglasses:

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Well the thing that might make this salvageable going forward is the transfer portal because if you lose some recruits right before NSD you have quite a while to replace them with people who can come in and play right now otherwise it would be a very very bad situation and may still be

The transfer portal has changed everything and we may come out of this okay.