Dowell Loggains

That guy is a true Razorback. Seems like a solid person. Watching his meeting with the media after Friday’s practice made me an even bigger Dowell Loggains fan.

Coach Pittman deserves a ton of credit for quickly changing the culture of the program. Hires like Loggains should help expedite the process of reviving Razorback pride.

Interesting to me that his name is Do Well…… as I expect he will do that and more for the Razorbacks.


I remember when he was playing. All the coaches commented that he was a player coach (I think all he did was hold for kickers but that can be a very big job). He flat stated at that time that his goal was to be the coach at Arkansas. Seems it may still be his goal.

I think you are on to something here.

I bet when OC-KB moves to a HC job, DL takes over as Arkansas’s OC.


I was thinking the same thing but didnt want to speak it out loud

He’s my new neighbor.


Newport born…as of course was I


Obviously after the last couple of days the man can close the deal!!!


I think it’s going to keep getting better.


My wife’s family were all born and raised in Newport. Her brother and sister were born there but she was born in Pine Bluff. Her dad and grandfather had a grocery store there for years. Hayden’s grocery. Sam Walton was a frequent customer stopping in for cheese, crackers and sardines to take bird hunting with him. Tom Collier was her Uncle.


Played in the NCC 4-ball for about 20 straight years. Always welcomed and made to feel like I was right at home in Newport. A lotta fine people there.


Basketball is huge to the smaller communities in that area of the state.

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