Dowell Loggains' role in the Eagles' Super Bowl win

Frank Reich, the Philadelphia offensive coordinator, said he took the fourth-and-1 throw to the quarterback from Dowell Loggains’ playbook. In fact, the Bears ran the play for a touchdown against the Vikings last season in the same end zone of the same stadium.

That’s a cool play. But the one Dowell used against the Vikings for a two-point conversion was even sweeter.

As I looked deeper into that play, I began to realize Loggains’ borrowed it from someone else - Chad Morris. Here is more on the play’s lineage: … gerprints/

It reminded me of Arkansas’ two-point conversion to tie the game against TCU, except that Austin started the play under center and handled the snap. But the concept was similar. Both looked like plays made up in the dirt of someone’s playground.

Arkansas did run this play once under Bielema and Enos. It was during the 2015 Mississippi State game on the two-point conversion that put Arkansas ahead 50-44. Collins took the snap and pitched the ball to Cornelius, who threw complete to Brandon Allen.

I don’t remember the details, but both Clint Stoerner and Casey Dick caught passes in their UA careers.

Dick had a 6-yard touchdown catch against Auburn in 2008 on a reverse pass from Joe Adams. He had four career receptions for 1 yard (two went for lost yardage).

Stoerner had two receptions totaling 53 yards in his career - a 29-yarder against LSU in 1996 and a 24-yarder against Kentucky in 1998.

I didn’t remember the one against Mississippi State. Just watched it again on YouTube at about the 2:14.00 mark.