Doubleheader Tuesday

There will be two seven-inning games vs. UAPB tomorrow beginning at 3 p.m.

Whew, that really helps me out. I have a meeting at 7 PM on Wednesday, so I was worried about seeing the full game.

Glad to see that. Weather looks awfully “iffy” for Wednesday. Two 7 inning games in a DH are much better than playing one 9 inning game & having the other rained out. Wouldn’t be surprised if the 9-inning games would’ve been run-ruled anyway. In other words, I think we’re likely to have a 10 run lead at the end of 7 for both games.

But our players need the workout. Not sure how much beneficial practice we’ll get going against UAPB pitching to turn around & face SEC pitching 2 days later, but I guess it beats BP.

I don’t mean disrespect to UAPB, but I’m afraid it’s just a reality reflecting the difference between the programs.

The weather is iffy for a second game today. The chance for thunderstorms in our area increases around sundown. It is humid outside today.

And again, the wind is not our friend…blowing in from right field at 20-25 mph…maybe that will help us focus on barrelling up some line drives instead of “big flies”…

I hope our batters are disciplined enough to realize that with the wind blowing in that strong that are probably aren’t gonna be able to get the ball over the fence. Like you said, unless it’s a line drive homer. There may still be a few who think they gorilla the ball against the wind.

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