Double Double

Jalen Tate had 15 points and 10 assists. Great game by Jalen today. He was in complete control the whole afternoon.


He really looked good in the second half…and kept pressure on UGA the whole time.

Very good defensive player, maybe a little more confident as shooter than he needs to be.

I’m really wondering which game some of you were watching.

Watched the same game, obviously with some different take aways than yours.

Maybe you need to coach the team Swine. Obviously none of our players play up to your standards. This is a young new team that is developing its own identity each game. Are they champions yet? No, but the program is definitely heading in the right direction. We should be proud of how fast the young kids are progressing.

Tate played an awesome game. Both ends

I really enjoy watching Tate. He has improved his shooting. I am comfortable with his shot selection. Seems the coach likes it, too. He mentioned that Friday.

I love Tate too, Clay. Would also love to have him back next year. But my favorite Hog this year is Devo. What I love most about his game is he doesn’t waste time dribbling. He sees the floor and passes it ahead where we can really run and get easy baskets, and I absolutely love his positive demeanor and toughness. I truly believe that kid might be mentioned in Lee Mayberry and Corey Beck terms before his time is up on The Hill. Go Hogs!

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