Double double for Bobby Portis

Big game for Bobby today against New Orleans. In 31 minutes, 21 points, 11 rebounds, 0 turnovers, 9-15 FG, 3-5 on threes.

I haven’t paid enough attention to know how much more PT Bobby is getting since the trade or what he’s done with the extra minutes. Good game today though.

Averaging 10.2 and 6.4 in 21.5 minutes since the trade. Shooting 48.1 percent overall, 28 percent from 3 on 2.5 attempts per, 69.6 from the line. None of his other averages are greater than 0.6.

I admittedly haven’t watched the Bulls very often this year, especially recently. They just don’t play a very pleasing style. But Zach Lowe seems to have a bone to pick with Bobby’s game any time he talks about Chicago. On a podcast I listened to this week, he mentioned that Portis’ entire decision tree is one line “Do I have the ball? Yes, shoot.” But he and Kevin Arnovitz both agreed that he’d probably be a different player in a better situation and a lot of teams still value what he brings to the table.

I have watched a number of Bulls games. I have not seen Bobby take any bad shots or force any. He does shoot threes quite a bit. Zach may be old school and not liking bigs taking threes.

He’s not old school. He is right about Bobby though he looks for his own shot to much when he is out there to rebound and garbage buckets.

And 26 points, a career high, for Patrick Beverly last night.

Almost a triple double for Patrick. He also 8 rebounds and 9 assists.

As a diehard Thunder fan, Patrick Beverly is one of my least favorite players in the NBA, stemming from the Russ incident (was the start of 3 straight years of bad injury luck). But he’s so, so good. Love how he plays. Perfect fit next to Harden.

every team wanted Beverly prior to the trade deadline.