Dorian Gerald

Apparently it I was while I was in Houston that the first news about DG coming back came out. Good news! I thought i had seen where he had gotten up to 300 before he entered the portal. Everything I see now says he is 265. If he really is 300, then he could likely help us inside where we probably need help the most…at 265 I presume he will be a DE. Whatever he weighs I am sure he will help. Anybody know his current approximate weight?

Nothing against Dorian. I’ve heard he is a very personable young man. I admire his perseverance and attitude. However, I would not get my hopes up about him playing much.

Hope springs eternal….

As does Dorian’s eligibility! The oft injured but eternally eligible 8th year senior DE!

I saw him in the north end zone bar area around November. He looked like a skinny 6’5” guy, carried 260 or so very well. Can’t imagine that he gained 40 pounds of good muscle, while injured.


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I am obviously mistaken about seeing a weight of 300 for DG sometime near the end of the season. I agree you can’t put on 30-40 lbs of good weight while injured. Coach Pittman took him back in, though, so there must be SOME glimmer of hope for reasonable contribution.

Dorian will play. Sam did not give him a scholarship to hold tackling dummies.


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