Dorian Gerald


I hope that he can compete and stay healthy.


Never know. Might catch lightning in a bottle.


Dorian is one of the more likable guys you would want to meet.

A parent on the team said he’s a great kid with a huge heart.


I have seen the same thing about him Richard. No doubt about him as a great person. Glad that he is a Razorback! I would just love for him to compete, stay healthy, and make this team better.


Richard is so right!


Really an added bonus if he can contribute. And it’d be a great story. I sure hope he gets his body right over the summer and kicks a** this fall. He’s done it before. Good news…


I sure hope he can help us… I haven’t heard anything about him in so long I wonder what kind of shape he’s in and what is weight is.

I want him to help us; he’s always had that “promise” but his health has always been his obstacle. Good luck young man. wps

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I wonder if there was some influence by the coaching staff to stick it out here. Them knowing he’s healthy and on track to compete & make an impact.

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My relative that owns CJ’s Butcher Boy hamburgers on Weddington in Fayetteville introduced me and my brother to Dorian at the restaurant about 3 years ago. Dorian talked to us for a long time and was very polite and respectful to us. He looked you in the eye and said “yes sir” and “no sir”. So happy he’s back. Hope he stays healthy.


You root for guys like this


For the first time in forever we may have some depth in the defensive line.

Rooting for him to be healthy, in shape, and hungry to go to the next level of play.

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The transfer portal may be a way to make significant progress in the defensive line.

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So glad to have this young man back! Prayers he can roll through the season injury free and finally enjoy it!!!

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