Dorian Gerald

There were reasons I felt fairly confident about Arkansas’ chances for Dorian while most others had him going to Fla. or A&M. Before his visit to Fayetteville, he told me things to make me believe a good visit to Arkansas would make the Hogs very strong contender for him.

He called me late Wednesday night and felt he was most likely going to Arkansas. Of course A&M, came on strong and tried to change his mind, but at the end he truly felt like Arkansas was the place for him.

Why did he have a feeling prior to his visit that he was going to have a good visit and was going to like Arkansas? I believe he said something about having prayed about it and feeling Arkansas might be the place, but then again that may have been another recruit… (I’m losing my recall…)

His relationship with Coach Chavis. Gerald was in contact with him while he was at A&M, so we had a good shot when Chavis was announced as the new DC. We wouldn’t have had a legitimate shot at landing him without Chavis.

Based off things he told me that I didn’t report. Yes, Dorian is the one that talked of praying and felt Arkansas could be the school for him.

Thanks, Richard. I know you cannot report everything you are told. Some things are off the record. Glad you are able to have the type of relationship with recruits that let them know they can trust your word. Some reporters are not concerned with that. Thanks for being a stand-up reporter. We can trust your reportting. Same with Dudley.