Dorian Gerald...

huge get late last year, beat our Auburn, Florida et al for him. supposed to be immediate contributor. so far he is a no-show. should redshirt if that’s possible.

so what’s the deal? did he show up too late and too out of shape to help? is he just not as good as we/everyone thought? is it just the usual juco “get 1.5 years” as Nolan always said?

It is odd that we got the number 1 Juco WR (Martin), and the #1 Juco DE, Gerald, and so far we have seen NOTHING out of them. come to thing of it, the #1 Juco TE hasn’t done a lot, caught a few and dropped several and now injured. Not sure what to make of this.

Do you guys think Gerald I ever going to contribute? Maybe if he showed up out of shape, he should just redshirt and give us 2 good years starting 2019?


He wasn’t able to go through any summer workouts and wasn’t in the best of shape for fall practice. I do buy into the Nolan saying. Look at Martrell Spaight even though I think Robb Smith had a lot to do with that. Ash wasn’t too high on Martrell.

Hope we stay away from Juco’s and spend our recruiting money looking for 4 year players who have kept their nose clean and have taken care of their academics. Just my opinion! WPS

So we should get rid of #5 too then. I get your point but junior college is hit or miss. It usually says that risk is better than what we have on campus and hopefully faster than than waiting for high school player to gain size and experience. Get a Cam Newton and you turn you program around. But there is a reason they are in junior college to start with.

I think you mean to say the other #5. Both Gerald and Boyd are jucos wearing #5. Which goes to show the juco route can be good or not so good, which I believe is your point. We do best when we don’t try to paint a picture with broad strokes. Jucos are a gamble, but so are high school kids.

Thanks for that correction. I forgot he also was number 5. Too many duplicate numbers to keep straight off top of head. But yes, juco’s can work out good or bad.

Gerald has fought through nagging injuries. That’s part of the deal when you aren’t in perfect shape. He had his best game last week. I saw him in on more snaps. He helped collapse the pocket on a couple of plays. He didn’t get a pressure or the sack, but the QB moved away from his side and someone else got him. Gerald is just now reaching his peak. Ankle injuries are tough to rehab.

So it Next year we could see big things from Gerald.

80 percent of the time it takes a juco kid time to adapt to big time football and especially at the DE position.

Our Defensive ends are about to become very feared. :!:

All QB’s be aware. We are coming for you & fast.

Steve Caldwell’s room with the defensive ends should be full of nice talent. I do not expect Caldwell to suddenly stop finding DEs, either.

Thinking about it, very rarely do JUCOs come in and effect the game at the beginning of the year. It takes about half the schedule to start making their presence known. Alabama’s Buggs was the same way last year. I don’t think we have anything to comlain about, yet.