Dorian Gerald and depth chart

I just seen that Dorian Green is on the 3rd team defense. I know he had a lot of injuries but has anything else happened?

A solid career in Fort Collins, but I think he’s now in Chapel Hill as an assistant

Cant be talking about the same person

I assume you mean Dorian Gerald. I think he is behind better players at his position, some who have developed here and some who have been brought in from other programs. He is also behind some because of how much practice time he has missed. He didn’t practice in the spring and was hurt most of last season.

Correct. Thanks for the update

I saw him in the north end zone concourse last year, leg in a boot and on a scooter. He looked skinny, on a big frame, like maybe 240. After all he’s been through, it’d be amazing for him to play in an SEC game.

Man, am I pulling for him. I promise, I’ll give him a standing O if he enters a game.


Amazing that he hasn’t thrown in the towel. Whether he plays or not it’s not from lack of determination.

Dorian may have lost some side to side mobility. He’s still feeling his way along as far as that broken leg. He’s about 25 pounds lighter. Not sure he’s the same player.

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