Dook gets whipped in the second half

In all the hype about Coach K’s last home game, they forgot to, you know, actually win the game. UNC completely controlled the second half and won by 13.

And don’t look now, but after slopping around for four months, North Carolina is starting to resemble a good basketball team. I’m really hoping they don’t find themselves in a second round NCAA game with us.

Still a guards game. Duke had no answer for the two NC guards.

I turned to the game and was going to watch it but I knew I could not stomach the Coach K lovefest I was sure would permeate the game.

Sorry I didn’t watch now… so funny they sent his butt packin with a loss in his last game at Cameron and Duke Senior Night. Sorry I missed it now.


Oh it was a complete lovefest. They had a split screen most of the night, game on the left, K on the right. And every Duke player you’ve ever heard of in the stands.

I found out something interesting this morning I did not know. The student section at Dook is only 1200 seats, which is why they still have to camp out to get seats. They act like its about 8000 in a 9000 seat arena.

I will always have a lot of respect for Coach K. I can’t believe he has been at Duke since I was 7 years old! I think the fact that it was him that we beat for our first Natty makes it all the more special.


And someone came up with the count. There were 96 former Duke players in attendance tonight,

When Eddie crawled off to Kentucky, some people were actually mentioning K as a candidate for our job (he hadn’t made a Final Four yet; that would be the next year). I remember having to ask our Raleigh bureau how to spell Krzyzewski for a story. Did Frank actually try to contact him? I have no idea.

The only woulda, coulda. shoulda coach I remember is Frank having a then Bill Self lined up to replace Nolan. I believe Bill was at Illinois at that time. Instead we went into the whole fiasco that dragged our program through the mud for a decade. All Bill did was go on to Kansas and win a Natty and maintain a national power.

That he did…with dirt all over him.

Just read a story that suggested K wasn’t Dook’s first choice all those years ago. Instead they wanted Bob Weltlich, who had coached at Texass and then Ole Miss.

I think they got the right guy.

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UNC ruining Krzyzewski’s final home is a great chapter in that rivalry.

It reminded me some of the story when Syracuse played its final game against Georgetown at Manley Field House in 1980. Syrcause was essentially as good at Manley as the Razorbacks were at Barnhill, and there was a big build up to the final game. The Hoyas won and John Thompson said in his post-game press conference, “Manley Field House is officially closed. May it rest in peace.”

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I watched the second half, and as much as I get a bad taste in my mouth when talking NC/Duke basketball, it was glorious to see all the tears falling on the bleachers.

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Me too. I don’t get all the hate for Coach K. He is one of the all time great college head coaches. What he did and the years in which he accomplished it, for me, make him at least as great as Wooden. John didn’t have the 13 scholarship limits. He was able to stockpile 20 players that would have all started on most any other college team.

Compared to Calipari, Coach K is an absolute Saint. I don’t begrudge any of the attention Coach K got all day yesterday.

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I have always thought he was a great guy and a great coach.

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I don’t think my dislike is so much for Coach K. I can say I have much respect for him as a coach of basketball. I think my amusement at them losing is more about the years of DUKE love that was constantly shoved down our throats at every opportunity. You could almost call ESPN the Duke Network. I was just so tired of always hear Duke this or Duke that or Coach K is the shining example of of sainthood and how he can do no wrong and we should all aspire to be like him. The premise that they were always squeaky clean and the gold standard all should aspire to be. They did it the RIGHT way and didn’t break rules or cheat. In my opine, Duke was just like the rest but they were the poster child that would never get looked at because heaven forbid they should expose something dirty from the flagship of basketball.

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I know what you mean votan. It’s like the whole “America’s Team” Dallas Cowboys stuff.

Me, I’ll take the Steelers anyday.

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I don’t necessarily blame K for the unctuous, holier than thou aura of Duke basketball, but he didn’t do anything to discourage it either.

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“Unctuous, holier than thou” says it perfectly. And a student body with a terrible superiority complex. I have seen it first hand.

Btw, Paul Webb of ODU was the man Duke was going to pick before they decided on Coach K. Or so the local papers say.

And btw, UNC had four players score 20 + points. Both starting guards and both starting big men. That’s the first time in the entire history of UNC basketball that four players have scored 20 or more points. Amazing.

Have much respect for Coach K. Commissioned Officer (Captain) from West Point, played there under Bobby Knight. Later after 1 year as assistant under Knight at IU he came back as HC at WP for 5 years. Then to Duke where his first 3-4 years weren’t to good & most coaches these days are fired by then.
What’s funny is how close him & Knight were until he beat him in the NCAAT, they didn’t speak for years until recently.

He does carry a lot of Knights traits as a coach, I guess along with that military discipline. Definitely not a cake walk to play for him. Many stories.

Bill Parcells was assistant coach at WP same time as knight was BB coach. Even part time assistant for Knight 1or 2 years also. Wow.

In the world of officiating, Duke is the loyal dog sitting by the official’s feet. Not even KY gets the calls Duke gets. As mentioned above, they reside as the college good brand for CBS and ESPN which comes in convenient for NCAA committee regional placement. Maybe Coach K earned some of this, but it’s hard to not dislike the favored child from afar or close up when you play them. All of this has been there for a long time… remember what was said by several TV genius’s about Duke before our NC game; “I’m taking the smart basketball team”. That is Duke in a nutshell.

Not a Coach K fan. Been around him some. Arrogant (blank). You pick the word. Can he coach? Yes. Did they cheat? Technically no. They did get players without getting caught. So if there are no penalty flags there are no penalties.

I have covered post-game pressers after he’s lost and thought he was discourteous to those asking the questions. And they were good, solid questions. Of course he got hammered for doing that eventually.

Again, he’s a GREAT coach. I’ve always thought they held and hacked on defense. Sometimes it’s called and those refs seemed to move to a different league, and that was years ago. At least that’s what a big-time ref told me.