Doobie's revenge

How much should we fear The Doob? Does he start for the Rams?

He is a starter and is averaging 9.3 points and 3.4 rebounds in a little more than 22 minutes per game.

A random fact I just thought about. There is not a single player on our current team who was here during the one year that Jenkins spent here (2015-2016).

I thought he was here in 2016-2017. If so, he would have been here with Adrio.

It was 2015-2016. He was brought in at the last minute after we had the disastrous offseason where Bobby Portis and Michael Qualls went pro, Ted Kapita never made it to campus, Jacorey Williams got kicked off the team, and Anton Beard and Dustin Thomas were suspended for the fall semester. Even with walk-ons we barely had enough players to go 5 on 5 in practice that fall.