Don't you just hate it when you get down

to the last 2 pieces of your 1000piece razorback stadium puzzle and they are missing?

Our family did a puzzle over Christmas that was missing two pieces. No bueno.

Proving once again David Pryor was right…especially if the 2 missing pieces depict the new N End-zone Expansion.

I planned on making a frame for it…contacted the puzzle co. And trying to see if I can buy the pieces…if not I WILL buy another puzzle just for those 2…I have to,…it was a birthday present from my son b4 he passed…

We started a 1000 piece Reynolds Razorback stadium puzzle when the pandemic began. By late summer were down to less than 20 pieces left and hit the wall. Something was off and we did not have the patience to figure it out. It’s free to the first person that can pick it up in Chattanooga.

I just almost completed one as well. One missing piece. Planned on framing it. May frame it anyway and just color in the area (fan seating) with a red marker. Figure someone would have to look close to notice.

Like mowing the lawn and after taking a shower and heading to the patio to enjoy a job well done, noticing a one inch by 2 foot swath that didn’t get mowed.


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