Don't want to hear injury excuse

this weekend against OM. They have been hit equally hard. QB done for year. RB Wilkins beat up. Center Rawlings banged up. Best LB hurt. They do have stellar receiving corp but inexperienced QB. This will be opportunity to see real coaching ability of this staff or lack of it. Plus its an 11:00 KO which really neutralizes home field advantage. The Rebs won’t have finished their bloody marys before KO.

Then u really don’t want the truth do u??
Open ur eyes and really look what is missing

1300 yd rusher. All of the receivers from last year except Jared and he went down 2nd game
Best lineman,best tailback from this year,best conerack 5th year QB
Not counting the Def players that went to the nfl
Tightends that went to nfl
If u don’t think that is significant then u have blinders on

Ole Miss is not missing anything close to that
U say wiloins is hurt. Awwww
How about broken neck and leg?
Get over ur hatred for the coach!!
These posts are plain ridiculous

You must not watch much college football.

Injuries and losing guys to the NFL happens every year.

We were a bad team before and after the injuries. The biggest injury is to Brets pride and ego, that’s a career ending injury.

SC ran trough us with 3 starting OL out, and the best WR in the sEC.

We were missing a decent slot receiver, and a corner back.

RW3 is gone yes, but he stepped up his sophomore year, it was expected that Whaley step up. We also brought in David Williams who has done well.

Excuses… stop making excuses for this mans failure.

TAMUs back up qb sliced through us like warm butter, and OM qb will too. He will have a heck of a first start, against our Defense.

I watch it all the time my friend but I seem to understand it way better than you
Yes it happens all the time but some programs cannot help but go down when they happen mainly because of the depth of the rosters
You must be one of those “fans” that think we can just pick any player we want and they line up to come here. Well that is plain looney.
I don’t care who coaches but when u lose that much production u will lose games
I would suggest u pull for Ala because that is about the best for what u wish
TAM QB was NOT the back up. He was going to get starting no matter what this season
U do realize that it takes more than 3 months to change Def right?? Probably not
These kids get to practice 20 hrs total per week and to change the system it will be a year before that helps so the Def will suffer
Fans like u make me sick. U should be on the 24/7 board. U will love this guy’s

We have had alot of injuries but what I’m seeing is stupid mistakes and lack of effort.

You don’t get to use the injury excuse after five years of mediocrity.

Is Don Wells… Brett Bielema?

So he is basically saying we would be winning games if we were healthy?
Don what about the lack of effort, in game adjustments with poor 2nd halfs, penalties, pathetic offensive line play with everyone but Skipper back? Please explain how a guy that believes in running the football cannot field a competitive offensive line in year 5? How about why he changed to a 3-4 when he admittedly knew he didn’t have the personnel to run the defense? Is the coach not ultimately responsible?

I think you have to separate evaluations when it comes to the injuries.

They have no doubt affected the quality of this team. For those who say that injuries didn’t affect the early games, you’re discounting what Rawleigh Williams meant to the team. Even with a poor line, he was a 1,300-yard rusher and gave the Razorbacks some semblance of balance in most games. Jared Cornelius is another who would have changed the look of this team the past few weeks. I don’t think it would have changed the outcomes, but they might not have been so lopsided.

You also have to evaluate recruiting and the readiness of the backups. At some positions the backups have performed pretty well, such as Kamren Curl for Ryan Pulley. At others the backup has not been up to the quality of the starter who went down.

As I said yesterday, you have to take injuries into consideration when evaluating this season, but there is more than this season to take into consideration when evaluating whether this coaching staff gets to return.

It’s difficult to say anything that happened the last three weeks had anything to do with injuries. It’s lack of overall line talent.

I will play the injury game a little bit, though. Injuries play a role in every season. Some years you skate through unscathed. Some years you don’t.

I don’t know of many Arkansas teams that could absorb injuries, but some have. There were some injuries with the '64 national title team, but depth was good. Jim Williams wasn’t expected to be the DE on that team and wasn’t a factor until about the fourth game. Jimmy Johnson wasn’t expected to play, but a great defensive linemen got in trouble (in the wrong dorm at the wrong time is what I recall) and was kicked off the team. Jimmy got his chance and did great. I think there were some injury issues at QB at some point. Didn’t Bill Gray step in for Fred Marshall some early?

Back to this year, though. This team just doesn’t have top end depth. And, there aren’t enough linemen of SEC caliber. That’s on either side of the ball. That has been obvious against Texas A&M, South Carolina, Alabama and Auburn.

The A&M game was by such a slim margin that it could have made a difference in that game. TCU? Maybe, but probably not. Rawleigh would have helped against TCU, but I don’t know if it would have been enough. Not having a placekicker ready was a big deal in that game, more than some might want to believe. Those two misses were horrific for the mindset of the team (and fans). Not winning either one of those games set this team down into a horrible spiral. I said all along that you had to win one of those games or it was going to be a three-week period of doubt and that’s what happened.

You must be better in the offensive and defensive line than this team to compete in the SEC. I believe Bret Bielema’s thoughts about how to play football are fine – if you have good linemen. He does not. YOu check what he had at Wisconsin as far as offensive and defensive linemen, they could all play in the SEC. They are playing in the NFL. He has had a few of those, but not nearly enough.

TCU is pretty good. I’m not saying that Arkansas would have beaten that team with Rawleigh and Pulley. But I think the Hogs would have beaten A&M, and maybe that changes the ability to win against South Carolina.

The key in football (and especially in the SEC) is depth. You build a team with 85 scholarships. You get that many so that you can have depth and say next man in and it’s not going to be such a terrible thing when you lose one, two, three or four. When they all hit at key spots, it’s hard to overcome.

The injuries, to me, affect the end of the season more than the start. They are now at a point where they should win some games, but now the injuries are pretty serious.

But more than the injured physical state of the team is the mental injuries that have taken a toll. When you lose energy so fast in a game, that’s mental from knowing that it’s not going to turn out any different. That is the injury that ruins a team, the mental injury.

I really think something mentally broke in the second half of Missouri last year and the team has never been the same. BB could not get it fixed in the off-season, and there is no reason to believe he will get it fixed in the future. I think he’s the best guy off the field we’ve had in a long time, but he’s failed to build the mental toughness needed to win when things go wrong, and for that reason he has to go.

Without a doubt what broke at halftime of the Missouri game was the lack of a solid offensive line to block good defensive linemen. Charles Harris was terrific at DE. No one could block him and he moved around a little bit to hide him. There were others they couldn’t block. They could NOT run the ball in the second half against Missouri and that’s what that game called for at that point. That’s physical and it happened on the recruiting road. You can scheme a few plays for a bit. At some point, you have to block them.

I know I’ve beat on this thought for a bit. But it’s as clear to me as day and night. When you can’t block a defensive front for a basic run play, you are going to struggle at some point in every game. When SEC DEs don’t fear the run, they come after the passer. It’s simple from where I sit that it has happened over and over.

Good post. Injuries should not and cannot be used as an excuse, but they are factors. I’ve believed since the Missouri game last year (and maybe even the A&M game last year), the team’s mental state has been so fragile that they expect the worse to happen. So when bad things happen, they cannot overcome it mentally. Paul Rhoads spoke about it in Monday’s press conference when he spoke of the energy being zapped at bad points of the game.

I have wondered the same

Get ready because that will be the justification for JL giving CBB another year…it’s coming just wait.

Excellent summary Clay. I cannot understand the lack of bodies\development for the lines. A year ago Coach B said this was the most talented group of defensive lineman that he had every had. The SEC is all about line play and after 5 years in the league now with his background, I just do not understand how he let it get to this point. But the team will not win until this is fixed.

Poor recruiting, lack of development, roster mismanagement, etc.

U typing finger cramping ?