Don't want to blame the refs but....

When both teams are driving and being aggressive and one side gets
40 FT attempts to the other getting 12 attempts, well… something smells
with that. Hell I don’t believe they called enough fouls for Arkansas to
even get into the bonus in the 2nd half and that just takes 7 fouls!

They only had 11 fouls for the whole game, we had 26… thats a 2 to 1
disadvantage. Were the refs still pissed we fouled out 4 Tennessee players
the other night?

Just makes me shake my head and grumble. Would I like to have seen
Mike chew on some refs, yes, but with the game that close a T is really

Even Matt Zimmerman was saying it wasn’t the refs in the first half. He is a huge homer and he was calling for us to start driving more as first half ended. I watched second half so idk what he said there. But we could have won it at free throw line even as big a discrepancy as there was, we missed too many to win on road.

The fouls they called were usually fouls…but the zebras were NOT calling it the same both ways. We did need to drive more. Barford especially was unable to drive it. They really clogged the lane on him. But we did get fouled more than a few times with no call.


The live ball turnovers we gave them killed the mo jo. Trey had one that was just silly!
Macon needs to start get it going early and the stupid offensive foul on Bardford was just uncalled for.
If we just make our free throws we win that game. Moo U beat the hogs at the charity stripe. 24 points from the free throw line.
We had 5 points at the line. We missed 7 free throws. The one on one on offense to end the game stinks. The refs were not going to make it easy.
I was surprised they called the foul on the 3 by Macon. Of course he missed the free throw.
C J took a fade away 3 from the corner that was horrible. He needs to know what a good shot is and take good shots.

When Mooo U needed to hit 3’s late they hit the 2 they needed and then we melted by not running good offense.

It’s not the refs and usually never is. It is easy to complain when there is a large disparity, but we simply don’t play good position defense and move our feet. We instead get beat on the drive and then we hack, slap, grab, reach, and commit a foul. Any team that has good guards that drive on us will be going to the line often.

This is nothing new. That has always been what we have done under MA. I can’t for the life of me understand why, but it will happen again against Auburn Saturday.

The refs aren’t making us rely on the outside bomb instead of having an offensive power game by forwards and post play. Drawing fouls and getting to the line.

Very hard to win on the road relying on bombs and not getting in scoring position in paint and getting to the free throw line.

If our 4s had even a little game against St to draw some fouls and open offense, we control game and get to the line and win by ten easy.

This is team’s Achilles heal if we are truly going to beat good teams on their court or neutral courts in NCAA.

We know we can bomb and beat anyone in BWA otherwise.

Got to have some power production inside and get to the line in close games down stretch.