don't think

they aren’t going to fire mike anderson and then name the court the nolan richardson court. so we probably gonna have this coach at least another year.

if you are not already, better get used to what we’ve seen for 8 years.

can’t have 2 starters on the court the other team lays off of and can’t hit the side of a barn, and they will probably be starters next year.

our screen defense is pathetic and has been for 8 years and its not going to change.

fastest 40 minutes of what?

anyone excited about next year?

rebounding, how many did florida beat us by in this department? mercy

late signing period, how many players that are difference makers are really available. we are throwing out offers right and left now, kinda behind the 8 ball i guess. recruiting got us into this mess, and transfers, that haven’t been replaced with adequate players.

well, the its been 8 year argument is finished, next year it will be the 9 year argument …

our two big sports and money makers are laying eggs.

I was listening to the Buzz when I was going to pick up my son. I disagree a lot with the guys on the show when it comes to basketball, but they did make a comment that I agreed with. The comment basically was that AD’s don’t look at coaches as “let me give you one more year” and see what happens. Basically, either you are the coach and I’ll back you up or I see no future and we’re moving on. So, Yurachek needs to make a decision and he needs to make it fast. If he wants to replace Anderson, he BETTER have a major upgrade in the wings.

On the bold part, actually yes! I still hold to the idea that we have talent. I mean we’ve seen the young men do great things in games, it’s been horridly inconsistent though. I would hope with maybe a few additions and subtractions, along with experience and more training, this team can become more consistent.

General, I agree with the young talent improving. I know that crushes some on here, that our team might actually improve this offseason, but it will, and I’m not talking about new guys, the existing guys will improve.

However, the “if he fires Mike he better have someone better” argument is ridiculous. Just cause someone had success somewhere else, doesn’t mean they will here (see Bret Bielema, just looking at records before they got here, who would you pick, Bret or Chad?).

My point on this is you don’t know who the next Coach K will be, and who the next John Pelphrey will be. The only coach that I’d get excited about right now is Few, but I don’t think he leaves Gonzaga, nor would I blame him for not leaving

i don’t think he fires anderson. he has at least one more year. say anderson signs three more players. well, if anderson flops again next year, and is then fired, the new coach might not have a ton of transfers and some experienced players to work with. the freshmen this year, im not sure they would be willing to sit out a year and transfer. will be juniors, might as well stick it out and hope they get a coach they get along with. they all want to go to the league however few will if any. joe has a chance. if we sign a bunch of juco’s in this signing period, some will be seniors and won’t want to sit out another year. they are kinda stuck. and if i were recruiting against anderson, i would use he’s possible dead man walking argument. (besides a bunch of other things ill add). hy probably doesn’t have the tenure yet to make that sort of bold decision. if he did, it would surprise me.

imho, anderson will be coach next year, probably same staff unless someone leaves on their own or retires. probably same results we’ve seen last 8 years. might make the NCAA tourney, but we are under .500 percentage of making it to tourney under anderson so one certainly can’t bank on that.

My opinion, only my opinion, is at least one assistant coach won’t be here next year. Whether that is because Anderson told them to leave or not, that’s a different discussion. Also, I think we end up with six openings (counting Phillips, that goes to Justice), the other five, I think will be Gafford (NBA), Garland (Medical), Ibby, Henderson, and someone we don’t expect. I think Blu knows who it is, but I won’t get into that either. Today’s game kind of sealed my opinion on that.

I think CMA goes after some JUCO’s that have two to play, some that have three to play, and some freshmen. I’m pretty sure he wants to even out classes, but also understands he needs some legit players next year. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see a grad transfer, even if he is the next Kouassi.

Well all I have to say is that baseball season has started and confercne play starts Friday. A 3 game series with Missouri coming to town.
In the next few weeks we will know who CMA gets to add to the team. We will also know if Gafford comes back or not.
There is talent and they will be better with the experience they got this season. Maybe we won’t have to watch Gabe and Adrio struggle on the offensive end. They might improve around the basket.
I just hope they play a tougher non conference schedule so we will have an idea how good they really are before confercne play starts.
I still remember how horrible it was under Heath and JP please don’t take that turn again.