Don't think we have any candidates on the final two staffs, so...........................

…the games that might be holding up the DC hiring are over and who will it be? Enquiring Hog Minds want to know. Caldwell resigned at Boise State right after their bowl game. Will he go to us, Tennessee, or Texas A&M? Chavis is playing chicken with A&M. Jimbo does not want him, but if they fire him they owe him $1.6 million. If he resigns, they get his buyout amount. Big money swing (for Chavis and his new school) for whoever blinks last.

Could Morris be making one last run at Venables? Probably. Slim chance of him leaving Clemson for the Hog DC job but stranger things have happened.

I think we are going to have to be patient with this. But it is frustrating.

Caldwell retweeted tweets from the Razorback football account, Chad Morris, and Justin Stepp in recent days.