Don't take Vandy too lightly

or their new coach just saying GHG!!!

Games aren’t played on paper. Never just show thinking your going to win! The way CEM approaches each game and the way he prepares the hogs to be ready for the next opponent I believe they will be ready. I’m just hoping we get hot shooting early and put them away early! I’d like to see the bench used in this game.

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This is Vandy’s second game and just a few days since they lost Aaron Nesmith. It will take them a few more games before they adjust to his absence and become competitive again. Plus this is at BWA. It is going to be tough for them to compete with Arkansas.

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In my opinion, this is a trap game. Looks like Vandy is down and reeling. We got KY coming in on Saturday. Better focus on this game. Muss seems to understand the one game at a time mantra. I think we win, but I bet Vandy plays better than expected (at least for the 1st half).

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I feel we’ll win, but only if the team plays hard. Fortunately, that’s one thing this team always seems to do under Muss. They can win playing less than their best, but obviously they can’t blow it off. I don’t think that will happen. We won’t be looking ahead to KY. We will win somewhat comfortably.

Better come out and play hard and solid. Anything less gets you beat. Should win, but have got it to do. Anything but best effort will not work. Forget about KY completely. That starts after the Vandy game.

THIS. We should win, but I told someone yesterday this was a trap game. Just won one on the road, UK coming to town Saturday. “Its a trap!”

I’m not sure about this, but I can see the Hogs playing less-than-enthused in the first half; substituting freely (and our subs haven’t been too good), and creating opportunities through our carelessness for Vandy.

But, it does appear that Muss has the ability to re-organize our team in the second half, so I expect the Hogs to win going away - say by 15.

That’s why I said (at least the first half), I think Muss will be on their case at halftime if they aren’t solid to start

Vandy was completely lost in their last game, their first game after the injury to their star…and they were lost against the Aggs.

This’ll be their first road game since the loss of their star

Generally better teams run away from lesser teams in the second half. See that every day in college basketball.

I don’t think we are going to need Muss second half magic against Vandy,

Happens in every sport.

I agree; I was trying to intimate that, now, Vandy might be the worst team in the league; sadly.

They are a three point shooting team, having lost their best (if not the league’s best) three point shooter, facing the league’s best three point shooting defense…on the road.

It looks like no two Hogs are running the same offense right now. Better get it together, fellas.

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